“Incredible working tool”

Quebec Hockey’s general manager of six months, Jocelyn Thibault, says he realizes his business has come to a halt, but appears convinced he has everything necessary to get the business off to a good start.

“He’s very good for hockey. It’s been a long time since we’ve taken a moment to think about trends. We’ll fit into our strategic planning in the coming weeks and this report will become a great working tool for us.”

It has to be said that the former goalkeeper has actually been more surprised by some sharper kicks in the National Hockey League than the revelation of this report. After all, he was one of the 15 directly participating members of the committee.

Although he admitted there would be some “absolute” reluctance, he was pleased with the recommendations made and anticipates a positive reaction in the Quebec hockey world.

We will allow people to consult the report and make it their own. We’ll see what happens next.

“There are still many things that come out of the box that will be beneficial for young people. If there are more arenas or outdoor infrastructure, for example. You cannot be against that.”


For Thibault, the simple idea of ​​refocusing hockey on fun can turn out to be a small revolution.

“We have to slow down the race that many parents seem to want to start. I find it interesting to get back to fun as a main thrust and expand the player pyramid.

“To get more players in the national team and in the national league, our process has to be right. We’d be better if we had more players, they had fun and they stayed longer. I believe in that a lot. Not all players make it to the NHL through the draft and you have to extend the time development to give them the best tools,” he said.

On tablets?

Even if the possible solutions are well laid out, it remains to be seen what happens to the report. After all, a similar exercise was conducted in 2011 and the whole thing remained a dead letter.

Minister Isabelle Charest confirmed in a press briefing that the report would not die on the shelves and reiterated her intention during the inquiry period.

“It will require a culture change in a large organization. It will also require mobilizing the entire ecosystem and it will not happen overnight. A lot of things will gradually settle down, but the starting point, this vision shared by all the players in the field, is a good way to start.”

Report remains to be digested

Gustav Roel, Student Sports Network

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Gustav Roel, Student Sports Network

Several hockey players contacted to comment on the report of the committee chaired by Mark Dennis had just read it and kept themselves a little embarrassed, but the intentions seem appreciated at first sight.

One of the committee’s many ways of thinking revolves around creating a university constituency in Quebec, for both males and females. In this respect, Quebec’s relationship with the rest of Canada is weak.

“There are very interesting elements in this report and it is difficult to be against virtue. On the other hand, we should take the time to really analyze them before commenting in more detail,” stated President and CEO of the Student Sports Network of Quebec, Gustave Roel.

“The simple fact that the network is considered at this stage of hockey development is very positive. It is now necessary to assess the impact of the implementation. He added before politely declining to comment further.

I did well

For Daniel Lerett, general manager of the Quebec Hockey Center, the news is encouraging.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s an excellent job. It’s a good starting point for betting to have fun in hockey because the percentage of parents who are a bit stressed remains high.”

This association, which has about 3,000 players, claims to have implemented some of the recommendations in the report for some time, particularly with regard to statistics among the younger ones.

“Previously, we received calls from parents who complained that their son missed a pass from a goal. We are heading in the right direction,” he believes.

While he appreciates the work of the committee that prepared the report, Mr. Lirett nonetheless questions the usefulness of some of the recommendations.

“Associations in the area that are held by volunteers remotely, I wonder how they will be able to apply everything. Quebec hockey will have to help them.

“We are also talking about canceling some tournaments, but for many associations these are important sources of income. There is no quick fix,” he said.

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