Investments of $604,250 for concrete projects targeting youth VSP

MONTREAL, 4 May 2022 / CNW Telbec / – when At its May meeting, the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension Municipal Council announced a significant investment of $604,250 to fund several projects by partner organizations that support youth aged 12-25 on its territory. These new projects will allow in particular to establish physical and cultural activities, add equipment for youth, employ social workers and support to improve the social inclusion of young people. These projects are part of the new Borough Crime Prevention Strategy for Youth which has been developed in close collaboration with PDQ 30, PDQ 31, PDQ 33, Neighborhood Police Stations, the International Center for Crime Prevention and Mr.

We want to take concrete action to prevent youth violence. That is why our teams do an in-depth analysis of our living environments and conduct many exchanges with players from the community. The strategy thus developed will be implemented in coordination with the organizations that have close and privileged relations with the youth in our neighbourhoods,” Mrs. Lawrence Lavigne LalondeMayor of the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension District.

VSP Youth Crime Prevention Strategy Objectives:

  • Further promoting social inclusion and youth participation.
  • Promote positive role models and pathways to success.
  • Equipping young people to enable them to manage their emotions in a healthy way and develop social and personal skills.
  • Enhance parenting abilities and skills.

Promising business for young people

Of this significant investment, the district has awarded a financial contribution totaling $509,250 to nine organizations in order to improve service delivery for youth, as well as to standardize, continue, and even intensify interventions with the most vulnerable people. This amount was provided in the budget for the Department of Diversity and Social Inclusion in the City of Montreal under the Youth Violence Prevention and Suffering Program.

New sports and recreation activities will be introduced for people aged 12-25, a new recording studio will be established, school dropouts will receive more extensive support, social networking venues such as youth centers will have improved working hours, workers will receive specialized training, and Street work and urban mediation in our parks and public spaces.

This financial contribution is distributed as follows:

Neighborhood Saint Michael :
The station: a project within a project ($50,000) – Community Entertainment Saint Michael
Without violence we move forward ($50,000) – Saint-Michel LaSalian Center
Choose you and your gang! ($70,000) – The Great Gate
Presentation in the evening ($50,000) – The Kings of Montreal
My radio, my studio: I express myself and protect myself ($30,000) – Youth Forum Saint Michael

Villeray District:
get busy ($50,000) – Patro Villeray, Entertainment and Support Center

Extension Park District:
midnight sport ($34,250) – Park Recreation Management Corporation
Open their horizons ($50,000) – Parc-Extension United Youth Community Center

In the three counties:
urban mediation ($70,000) – Patro Villeray, Entertainment and Support Center
Street Action and Violence Prevention VSMPE ($55,000) – Teen Community Street Action Project

Prevention through sports

In addition, a total of $55,000 was awarded to three VSP organizations as part of the project Prevention through sports Financially supported by the Department of Public Security and the Monarques District ($30,510), Community Recreation Saint Michael ($14,890) and Club espoir jeunesse ($9600). This project is also an important component of Borough’s youth crime prevention strategy. It aims to offer free outdoor sports activities in five targeted VSP parks, more specifically in the neighborhood Saint Michael. As a priority, informal basketball and football tournaments that complement other sporting activities spread across the territory will be organized by qualified coaches working within these three partner community organizations.

Urban mediators from Patro Villeray will also be present, as well as street workers from the PACT de rue organization. They will participate in activities to support young people facing difficulties and refer them to appropriate resources.

Tomorrow’s leaders

The town council also granted a financial contribution of $40,000 to the project Tomorrow’s leaders From the Fondation de gestion des Loisirs du Parc, from the budget for the Department of Diversity and Social Inclusion of the City of Montreal as part of the Fund for Children and Vulnerable Families and the Committed Program for the Prevention of Violence and Suffering among Youth.

The project offers a program of sports activities (basketball, badminton, boxing and dancing) including individual support for young people who combine many risk factors and are monitored by workers from partner organizations.

The source is the city of Montreal – Villeray district – Saint Michael – Park Extension

For more information: Audrey Villeneuve, Communications Officer, [email protected]

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