James Hyndman Book Three: Between Ups and Downs

Skilled tennis player, actor and talented writer James Hyndman signs his third book this year, False recoil, where he combines his passion for the sport and the passion for the right word. This real pleasure of reading cycles between humor and more serious passages, such as the ups and downs of human relationships. Interspersed with tales and confessions. The short stories are interspersed with notes on key events in tennis history.

With integrity, elegance and style, James Hyndman will delight tennis fans with this new book. Even those who are not familiar with this sport will find it enjoyable.

In an interview, James Hyndman explained that his books always have a mosaic effect and confirm his passion for tennis.

“I’ve been playing my whole life. I come from a family where tennis was a religion. I’m correcting. I still play. It has been a huge passion in my life and still is.

This book is born out of the records he has published since 2015 in the magazine Tennis Magazine.

“I admire what is called sports literature, which is a literary genre that does not exist in Quebec, but is very lively and exists in France. There are a lot of famous writers – laureates of the Prix de Goncourt, laureates of Renault – who have written about sports. These are literary writings that talk about sports. And life is about sports. It’s a great tradition and all kinds of literary prizes are given in France for the so-called sports literature books. Me, it’s always a literary genre.

When he started writing his columns for the magazine, he immediately thought of writing them based on a book.

“I started dropping myself into the future, imagining chapters and topics. I would put that in my little box, put out an article every now and then for the magazine, and put out a chapter that I would keep for the book now and then. […] Half of the articles published in the magazine and half of them Tennis Magazine paraphrased, and chapters written specifically for the book.”

He wanted to write a book like we haven’t seen much, which deals with both tennis news and his personal history about tennis, and how tennis, in his opinion, is a way of learning to live.


He also inserted what he calls miniature miniatures in this book, allowing him to play around with a game of tennis and have fun.

“There are dialogues and the last chapter is a kind of invented dream that allows me to insert all kinds of items from the previous chapters, like the motifs back in the dream.”

He has fun.

There is a chapter about a fellow living in the fictional village of Saint-Paulin-de-Bator, who makes letter Very, very much from here, Quebec, from Bas-Saint-Laurent, because he won a local championship.

He finds his work mixed.

“I wanted to be very surprising for the reader, so that it could interest people who know tennis as much as people who know nothing about tennis.”

There is always great humanity and deep reflections in James Hyndman’s texts.

“The goal is to be as original as possible: How do I view sports, tennis and exercise?”

  • James Hyndman is a comedian known for his roles in theatre, television, and film.
  • He has started filming a new TV series for Serge Boucher.
  • He is also an accomplished writer. sign it oceans in 2018 and adult life in the year 2020.


James Hyndman

Among the great heroes, I like flaws and weaknesses perhaps more than feats of weapons. Nadal stumbling and struggling as best he can with a hitherto unknown fall in confidence, that’s what brings him closer to me. Serena collapsed at the dawn of a historic victory at hand, heartbreaking, of course, but in a world where orders of perfection and performance triumph, recalling that victory is so elusive even greater—that the scale of the stakes sometimes paralyzes it, too—reconciles us to our own faults.”

– James Hyndmanfalse bounce, XYZ Versions

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