Jared: Deprived of help from Agglo, four women’s gyms that don’t give up, Franck Prost replies

After the open letter, further actions were outlined by the leaders of four women’s sports clubs.

No, they do not accept the cancellation of their financial aid! Has the decision been made? what ever: “lost for lost”the leaders of Handball Polarges, Nimes Metropol, Nimes Metropole Women’s Football, Nimes Metropole Guard, Volleyball Club Nimes and Nimes Basket (1200 licensees in total) are intent on fighting back out of regulation times.

After the open letter to the mayors of the conglomerate, the leaders of these four women’s sports clubs now intend to double the measures, they said Monday evening during a press conference in the Agora de Bouillargues.

This is clearly discrimination against women’s sport

In the program: alert their unions, the oversight ministry, national media, local elected officials and the general public. and then some “Sudden Stock” Moreover. “Because it is clearly discriminatory against women’s sport, as assistance is given to some men’s clubs”, head of the football team Christian Teves, does not budge. “ The long march of equality between men and women is being slowed down by political leaders who clearly do not realize that we have to fight every day for this.”Jesus launched Ariz (Name Basket).

For the record, after rising sharply for years (most notable example: from €28,000 to €130,000 for the Bouillargues Women’s Hand Club, BHNM), their support from the city of Nîmes halved last year, before their complete disappearance. “orally” It was announced last March.

Starting at the bottom, the BHNM team, specifically, aligns the flag team in Division Two and the reserve in Division Four. It now has 14 employees (including six professional players). Annual budget: 600,000 euros. “We had target contracts for the seasons, and we created this with Agglo to get there, He points to President Sylvain Maestrini, who is now preparing to cut his salaries. What is happening is very brutal. At the very least, it takes time.”

Frank Prost: ‘They don’t want to understand’

Why did Nîmes Métropole stop supporting these sports clubs?

You have to start the story from the beginning. I was called by the governor when I arrived in July 2020 with a whole bunch of complaints about running the community, in particular the fact that he didn’t stay on his skills. On December 9, 2020, via email, his deputy governor still solemnly reminded us that Agglo, in the current state of our laws, has no mathematical competence. My predecessor did illegal things…

But why is women’s sport targeted today?

But it’s not just about women’s sports! Football clubs in Chemin-Bas d’Avignon, Valdegour or FC Marguerittes, for example, are also involved…they understand the situation. The problem with the associations you mentioned is that they have become dependent on society. It is not my fault that they lived beyond their means! We’ve had three meetings with their leaders, and they don’t want to understand. If we voted for subsidies for them, it would be illegal. The governor was answering them anyway.

But other sports clubs maintain their support…

Specifically, these are not subsidies but “markets to buy space without competition.” With Nîmes and Usam, these are envelopes in line with their media exposure: these clubs are shown on TV every week, with the slogan “Nîmes metropolis” marked. For the Nîmes Rugby Club, it is a partnership in terms of the professional partners structure, which brings together several companies from the conglomerate.

What could be the solution then? An “extension” of city hall?

But the local authority is not a printing press! The city does not necessarily have room for budget presentation, particularly in the current context. We proposed to women’s handball and women’s football clubs a merger with the existing professional structures (no and accolades, editor’s note) …

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