Jeremy Rambo, a cannibal in the Pyrenees who dreams of escaping

On January 19, 2022, the news fell like a helicopter: Jeremy Rambo, 34, known as the “Pyrenees cannibal”, escaped from the Gérard Marchand psychiatric hospital in Toulouse. He succeeded in thwarting the vigilance of the supervisors. The police found him at his most extreme, in the middle of the street, he still had time to attack Françoise, a 73-year-old lady. Armed with a broomstick, the madman jumped up and hit her. It was without relying on the heroism of a neighbor, who came to shoot a cannibal with an unloaded pistol to save the Septuagint. Since then, Jeremy Rambo has been imprisoned again in Cadillac’s Difficult Patient Unit, in Haute-Garonne. He has been residing there since 2013, charged with the murder and assault on the corpse of Leopold Bidbidau and the attempted assassination of Jean Cammy, in Noelhan, in the Haute-Pyrenees region.

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On November 14, 2013, it was 8 pm when gendarmes from the town of Vic-en-Bigorre, in Occitanie, were called to Noelhan. A house just burned down in Tarbes. Emergency services are already on the spot, and warned by the owner’s son. In the kitchen, a corpse lay on the floor. It’s about a man, a farmer The unborn, Leopold Bidbidau. His body is charred. His chest opened. His intestines are bare. At the same time, a report was prepared: a 41-year-old farmer, named Jean Kami, was just assaulted with an iron rod, not far from the crime scene.

At 9:24 pm, the gendarmerie was warned of the theft of a semi-automatic rifle, still in the town of Noelhan. The individual fled. At this point, no link between the cases has yet been established. A patrol sets out to find the gun thief. At 11:30 pm, a suspect of about 30 years old came to the attention of the gendarmerie. He approached their vehicle, a rifle in his hand. The sergeants get out of their car and order him to drop his gun. The man ended up complying and put his weapon on the ground. The gendarmerie controlled him, and suddenly the thirty-year-old started shouting: “ The old man, I killed him. I ate his heart and his tongue and then ate the beans in the fridge. »

Hannibal Lecter

The stranger’s name is Jeremy Rambo, he’s 26 years old. A former soldier, he returned a year ago from a six-month mission in Afghanistan. He was caught red-handed, he was immediately arrested. From the beginning of his interrogation, he admitted that he had not slept for three days. He comes from the city of Pau where he lives. Confronting the gendarmes, Jeremy began an incoherent process: ” I said I want to go to this old man, I don’t know him. This old man represents a pig. “He equally admits to the murder of Leopold Bidbidau and the attempt of Jean Camé:” In the scheme of things, I should have gone to the hermitage to kill two men. The old man was on the windowsill, and seemed to be waiting for death. I smelled a pig, smelled urine. He thought I was someone else, he was expecting his son. Jeremy goes meticulously, without any question in return, to describe his crime: Three objects were found, one of them was of round iron, about 50 cm long and hit on the head. She delivered a first blow, she didn’t even move. I put three or four more hits, always on the head. »

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Then Jeremy approaches the fireplace, determined, holding fire lamps, matches, and wood: I lit a fire, like Johnny. “According to his words, Jeremy paints a slight satisfied smile. ” Before the fire, I had to hold my tongue, my vision, my reasoning, and the letters to me, she told me so. The gendarmes know it, and Jeremy isn’t clean. He continues his soliloquy and confirms the deans’ concerns: The message to me was “all your dead”, those who have offended us. I have a great feeling in this house, a story with the Jews. Then I cooked the tongue and heart. My head turned to the refrigerator. I found a tarbees bean dish left there. I ate it was moldy. He made me sick, I vomited on the old man. Reminds me of Hannibal Lecter. »

Jan Kami, farmer survivor

After his despicable murder, Jeremy is back on the road again on foot. Walking in the woods, he is supposed to follow the indicators of the map. sounds arise:You have to kill Gaspard. “I walked into a house and by chance someone was watching TV, and there was a gun, and I took it. The dog barked, and I ran away. It was after the tractor story. Despite the hallucinatory speech, Rambo is quite capable of restoring the chronology of events. The Tale of the Tractor, as he calls it, is the assassination attempt on Jean Camus.

On November 14, the farmer rode the saddle on his tractor. When he was about to start, Jerry Rimbo attacked him on the side and hit him with several blows with a metal tube on his body and face. Jean manages to disarm Jeremy, and the two men fall backward onto either side of the tractor. Rambaud throws himself at Jean Kami and snatches the metal tube from him. Hit him again. Miraculously, Jean managed to escape. During the hearing, the farmer will explain Jeremy’s plan to the gendarmes: “ Throughout the assault, he kept shouting:I will kill you” “.

With the support of the firefighters, Jeanne Cammy was taken to Tarbes Hospital. After filing a complaint, he will be examined by the judicial medical units of Bo. Forty-five days of uninterrupted business hours will be delivered. Jan Kami comes out alive, but with multiple fractures and utterly traumatized: “ I have trouble sleeping, I need to talk and talk a lot. I always watch the same movie, when he attacks me and I hear “I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you!” “.

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After his arrest, Jeremy Rambo appears before a judge. After he was placed in pretrial detention, the justice system quickly decided to transfer him to the Difficult Patients Unit (UMD): “ It is about a young military man who does a job, as part of a Sophie delirium. He says he is authorized by a divine power to “do good”. He totally abides by this rave. These symptoms are related to emotional coldness ”, notes on November 20, 2013, the psychiatrist responsible for his expertise.

Nine months later, at the request of the plaintiff, an expert panel was appointed to examine it again. Among them is Roland Cottanso. The psychiatrist meets Jeremy at UMD in Cadillac, nine months after the events. The expert previously looked at his medical history, family history, and story. There are two important facts, his first assignment as a soldier in Afghanistan, in 2010. Immediately, Jeremy had a severe trauma to his right ear, due to Famas’ shot.

Post-traumatic stress

After returning from surgery, Jeremy will be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He continues his military career though, but is no longer working. On February 25, 2013, around 8:30 a.m., his regiment was in Modani (Savoie), for a foot race. An avalanche broke out, and one of his comrades died before Jeremy’s eyes. After this event, Jeremy left the army. The young man is unemployed. A week before the tragedy, his girlfriend left him. He turns to alcohol and cannabis.

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On November 10, 2013, Jeremy joined forces with a friend. Both men consume ketamine, a breast anesthetic, which is also used as a strong drug. The data will likely explain Jeremy’s condition at the time of the events. But drugs and trauma don’t explain everything. When Roland Cotanso met Jeremy, he was distinguished by his attitude: “ We were astonished by his mechanical gait, with a face not blinking, a look that often remained fixed on his axes, his drooping lower lip that retained traces of excessive salivation. Definitely a sign of taking antipsychotics, says Roland Coutanceau. During his interview, Jeremy finally expressed remorse for his gesture: “ Sometimes Mr. Jeremy Rambo breaks down in tears, explaining that he cannot stand the actions committed. Their evoking also evokes manifestations of anxiety, which often manifest themselves in unfounded abdominal pain. »

Criminal irresponsibility

The review continues at UMD from Cadillac. The expert will mention Jeremy’s hallucinatory delusions: ” Sir Jeremy Rambo is still convinced that he was under a spell that caused him to submit to an invisible force that pierced his body. The voice he directs does not express himself verbally, but rather acts by imposing himself on his will. A whole lot of intuitive associations were just the result. Dr. Roland Coutanceau concluded that he had schizophrenia with a paranoid dimension.

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May Martial, Jean Kami’s lawyer, recalls the trial: “ At the hearing, I saw Jeremy Rambo out of the world. I had prepared my client for the issue of criminal irresponsibility, he accepted the decision well. Thus criminal punishment is not the appropriate response to Jeremy’s psychological situation. “ When it did occur, I felt that the treatments had not yet found their purpose. He was inconsistent and told us about his visions. His place is in Cadillac, not in prison. “As long as the facility door is closed…

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