Jerome Segal (PA): ‘Animals should also have rights’

In view of the upcoming legislative elections (from 27 May online, 5 and 19 June 2022 in the polls), He went to meet candidates in every constituency of French living abroad.
Jerome Segal, the 7th District candidate for the Animal Party, answered our questions.

Why did you want to run for the upcoming legislative elections?

I wanted to run for the next legislative elections because about 5 or 6 years ago I discovered the importance of the animal issue and its connection to many other topics, such as climate change, sexism, racism or zoonoses.

As a French-Austrian academic, I am more concretely committed to looking at our relationship with animals on new grounds. Having lived seven years in Berlin and already settled for eighteen years in Vienna, in the heart of Central Europe, I was able to retreat from France, to find inspiration for what works abroad. Over the past three years, I have published three books on animal welfare, one of which has already been translated into German. If my job in Paris is within the Sorbonne, I always make sure to go to our constituency to meet the citizens: sometimes live, in the form of speeches or conferences, sometimes in digital form, especially with the blog I opened in 2008.

What is your relationship to this constituency?

I have lived there for over twenty-two years, with a brief hiatus of four years when I became a lecturer at a Parisian university. I lived 7 years in Berlin, 18 years already in Vienna, but I know Poland and other countries in this circle as well.

How has your career been marked by the fears of the French living abroad?

In this circle I was a student, a seconded civil servant, a teacher, an unemployed person, a researcher, and the parents of educated children both in the local systems and in the network of French institutions … and above all in Europe. So I am well aware of the concerns of the French living abroad.

How do you see the mandate of the representative?

It is primarily about developing laws that serve everyone, and realizing that human animals must also have rights. The animal party is best able to unite goodwill in the field, beyond the usual divisions. Moreover, if I were a Member of Parliament for my electoral carousel, I would have an interest in the needs and concerns of the French people who live in these countries.

What do you think of the challenges facing the French in your constituency?

Purchasing power, war in Ukraine and climate change.

How is your campaign organized and who are your supporters?

It is organized in consultation with the Animal Party Bureau of candidates from other constituencies.

What areas of work would you like to do if you were elected?

All about the animal party program:

Among what is personally close to my heart: education in morals and respect for others.

It also means:

Develop animal ethics education in all school programs and in all sectors

Preserving the school environment from direct or indirect interference by representatives of special interests (meat or hunting grounds)

I would also like to develop future sectors:

Huge conversion aid for breeders who switch to growing fruits, vegetables or legumes. As formulated in the program: “Assistance and support for the retraining of intensive and industrial livestock breeders, and all breeders wishing to leave breeding and go to the plant sectors (repurchase of their debts by the state, training, borrowing at 0% interest, assistance in access to land …) “

It’s also about avoiding epidemics while fighting climate change.

Reducing the production and consumption of animal proteins in France by 50% in 5 years.

One last important point: enjoy without causing pain

Bullfighting and cockfighting banned

Hunting is prohibited

Banning the acquisition of animals in circuses and other shows

What is your assessment of the mandate of the outgoing deputy?

No competence, no one knows him, he was just a reporter for mysterious missions that remained unknown to the public. He was one of those representatives with a finger and an eye to serve the presidential majority. Although it is a determinant of cultural diplomacy and French influence, it has left it reeling in our region.

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