June 2022 | Unstoppable Charlotte Cardin

Part of the lead with six selections, Charlotte Cardin shone at the 51st Juno Awards. The Montreal singer won her fourth trophy (Album of the Year) at a measured gala where performances – including hers – were in the spotlight.

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Alexandre Vigneault

Alexandre Vigneault

Opposite Bieber and Mendes


Charlotte Cardin, Juno Award winner for Album of the Year (for phoenix)

“I’m completely in shock,” said Charlotte Cardin, receiving the Album of the Year award. We understand that: she had just styled big names like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes at the finish line. The Montreal singer was the big winner at Juno 2022, where she got four of the six awards she wanted. In addition to being named Artist of the Year – ahead of The Weeknd and, again, Justin Bieber – she won awards for the pop album of the year for phoenix and song of the year for No sense, which she performed enthusiastically during the gala presented on CBC. During the awards ceremony held in Toronto on Sunday evening, only the public award has escaped.

Jessia, Arkells and Haviah Mighty


The winner of Rap Album of the Year Haviah Mighty performs in Junos

Arkells, who offered the first performance of the evening, won the Juno Award for Group of the Year. A little while ago, Haviah Mighty had won the first prize given to the broadcast, that of the best rap album, for Scholarship, which he dedicated to women in the world of hip-hop. Jessia from British Columbia was crowned as the revelation of the year. Several Quebecers in the race had already been spotted at an awards ceremony held on Saturday, including Xavier Dolan (clip of the year for Easy for me by Adele), Cœur de pirate (Album in French for Impossible to love) and Kaytranda (dance album for Bail). The Weeknd also won two awards Saturday, including one for the songwriter of the year.



Mustafa on the Juno stage

Actor Simu Liu, the host of the evening, made no fuss with his benevolent jokes. His only little courage was to mock Will Smith’s punch to Chris Rock during the last Oscars. What stands out most is the emphasis placed on the diversity of the Canadian music scene. The evening was marked in particular by the performances of Tesher, a Saskatchewan-based artist whose reggaeton pop sometimes has Bollywood accents, Mustafa the Poet, a singer with Sudanese roots who won Juno for the alternative album of the year (for When the smoke rises), and a number with the indigenous hip-hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids. We also heard some French: Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and singer Roxane Bruneau spoke in French to the Toronto audience when they presented an award.

People’s favorite mind


Shawn Mendes received the Audience Award.

Young Shawn Mendes was honored at the gala where he received the International Achievement Award. “When I was young, I thought that if I could write just one hit, people would love me and that would be enough,” he said, before pointing out that we live in a world where it is easy to believe that “never enough “. His message to the audience was quite the opposite: “What you are already enough. Shawn Mendes returned to the band later that evening to receive the Audience Award. “I have the chance to do what I love most in life and that is thanks to you,” he said simply in front of the public.

Arcade Fire in the Fence

This rather quiet gala ended with a slightly more epic note. Arcade Fire, whose album we has just appeared, has offered the final performance of the evening. Win Butler, Régine Chassagne and other members of the Montreal-born band were accompanied by several teenage percussionists to perform Unconditional (Observer child). The Arcade Fire offered a clever performance, like the rest of the evening, which ended under a shower with yellow confetti.

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