Kayden Primo and Danic Martel shine in Rocket’s 6-1 win

Simon Servant, Canadian Press

Laval, Q.; Danick Martel wanted to make a difference at Laval Rocket and it’s safe to say he made in Game 1 of the series against the Rochester Americans.

Martel took care of the attack by moving the ropes four times and smashing the Americans 6-1, Sunday night, in front of an excited crowd on Place Bell.

So the missile took control of this last chain of the northern section. The second confrontation will take place on Monday evening in Laval.

It was not clear if Martell would wear a uniform for the first duel against the Americans, after he was injured in the series finale against the Syracuse Crunch on Tuesday. It is good for Rocket that he was finally able to play, because the disc found him all night.

“It’s definitely fun. It doesn’t happen often with such performances. The disc followed me everywhere. I tried to give it a few times so as not to seem selfish,” Martell explained with a laugh. From an outside point of view, my condition was uncertain, but as a player, of course, I wanted Participate in this match. I entered the meeting and tried to make a difference.

The match between Martel and his team would have been very different, had it not been for the amazing saves by Kayden Primo. The 22-year-old goalkeeper has stopped 31 shots and stood out notably in the first period, ahead of prospective leaders JJ Petrka and Peyton Krebs.

“Primo hit the key balls early in the game and then we got the upper hand. We played a strong defensive match. Everyone talks about the Tampa Bay Lightning attack, but it’s really defense that gives them the victories, as the Rocket’s head coach, Jean-Francois Hall, analyzed. Good and we studied them a lot in the first period.

Nate Schnard combined a goal and an assist while Cedric Paquette completed the scoring for Jean-Francois Houle. Sami Nico shared two goals for his team.

In the final moments of the match, young Rocket defender Matthias Norländer was injured in the blind spot by Ben Holmstrom and doctors will assess his condition. The Americans did not hesitate to push the boundaries of legality in the third period, and defender Nick Buka, not known for his offensive talents, sought a client several times.

“It’s part of the playoffs, but this player (Boca) in particular has been on the ice every two games. Perhaps throwing a little arrow at the Americans, coach Seth Appert, it’s a pity it ended that way,” Hall said.

In the Americans camp, Petrka threw the red light for the fifth time since the start of the playoffs. Aaron Del started the match and allowed four goals from 20 shots. In relief, Michael Hauser stopped 16 of the 18 pills she was targeting.

Explode attack

Primo set the tone for the game by standing in front of Petrka in a breakup, and was lucky when Jack Quinn slipped between his towels, but off target.

Then goalkeeper Rocket teamed up with defender Xavier Ouellet to steal the Krebs. The 21-year-old striker first came against the right pad of Premio and when he got close to the net to put the discus into an empty net, Ollet was waiting for him as he dived.

The Americans retaliated by opening the scoring with 3:19 remaining in the first half. Petrka returned to the top of the right circle and fired a shot that surprised Primo into his right arm.

Dale saved Alex Belzel’s shot from close range after a confrontation on American soil, but moments later Martel blocked Brandon Gignac’s shot to equalize the score. The ball hit the post to the left of Dell, the post to the back of the net and the one to the right of the goalkeeper before turning back forward. Video replay confirmed the target.

The missile exploded offensively with a three-goal shot in just over six minutes in the second half.

Martel gave his team the lead first by jumping on his rebound. In the sequence, Paquette did a good job of annoying Dell in front of his semicircle.

Then Rafael Harvey Benard offered Mark Alt a cup of coffee before making a high pass on the blade of Paquette’s stick, who didn’t miss this golden opportunity.

“After the fight at the Blue Line, the Bills told me I had plenty of time and noticed a bad gap in the cannons. I knew I could fake and I did. Then I passed on to Cedric without thinking,” Harvey Bennard remarked.

Martel caused a string of matches less than three minutes later when he chased Dale out of the game with a shot from his wrist over the goalkeeper’s glove.

The Americans did not care about the third period, but they were also unruly. Martel took the opportunity to continue his dream night by hitting Hauser with a one-time shot.

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