Kayden stopped Primo 31 rounds and the missile defeated the Americans 3-1

Laval, Q.; Perfection may not be out of this world, but Kayden Primo came close to him in the first two games of the series against the Rochester Americans.

For the second game in a row, Primo performed miracles in front of his net and saved 31 discs to guide Laval’s rocket to a 3-1 win Monday night at Place Belle.

After facing a storm in the first half with a 6-1 win on Sunday night, Primo emerged this time to allow Rocket to maintain its skinny lead.

“Kayden saved some big balls in the second half, especially in the penalty kick. They had a chance on a cross, but he saved it brilliantly. A stop like that gives you energy and momentum,” said Rocket coach Jean-Francois Hall.

The Montreal Canadiens in the seventh round in 2017 scored their third straight win and was 5-1 in this playoff, scoring 1.65 goals against average and 949.

His brilliance, reminiscent of Carrie Price’s playoff run with the Hamilton Bulldogs in 2007, gave the Rockets a 2-0 lead in this final series of the Northern Division. The third meeting will be held Wednesday evening in Rochester.

But Primo did not do everything alone. Throughout most of the night, the missile defense men muzzled the talented American players and showed a good sense of anticipation with their wand.

“We play our own style of play and not the style of the other team. We play hard, we are physical and their best players do not like to be dealt with. We have to maintain our identity. It is one of the best team matches we have played all year,” said defender Louie Belpidio, who scored one of the goals. The Rocket Three, when we make mistakes, Primo is there to save us.

Entered into drills after an upper body injury to defender Matthias Norländer, which he sustained the day before, Lucas Condota proved Hall right by moving the ropes. Brandon Gignac completed the scoring for Laval, who finished many of his moves on the net despite the presence of interested American defenders.

“It’s the key for all teams in all tournaments. If you don’t get into the net, you don’t score and it’s important that you pay the price. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been talking about this and we’re trying to get all the attackers as close to the net as possible. It doesn’t have to be pretty, as long as the disc goes in.” Into the net,” Hall said.

The Rocket players also got past four shorted players thanks to several blocking shots and a good job allowing Primeau to see the game in front of him.

“I think it’s an aspect that we’ve improved a lot. Against the Syracuse crisis (in the first round), we had a hard time adapting. The Americans have one of the best athletics in the MLS, but we apply ourselves a lot. “Kayden still has to,” said defender Toby Beckett-Bison. Much credit goes to our successes.”

Arttu Ruotsalainen needlepointed the late Third Period of the Americans. After being kicked out of the first game of the series, Aaron Dale gained the confidence of coach Seth Appert and blocked 29 of the 32 shots he encountered.

Primo transports the missile

Rocket wanted to start better than he had in the first game of the series and they got the desired result after just over five minutes of play.

Accepting a pass from Alex Pelzel at this point, Torri Dello fired a low shot from Del that stopped with the right leg. However, Gignac followed the match well and jumped on return to push the disc into a free cage.

As Primo had done the day before with the Rocket, Dale pulled a few rabbits out of his hat in front of the visitor net. He took out the shield in particular to make a great save at Belzel’s expense, midway through the first half.

Jean-Francois Houle’s team also missed some chances to double their lead, in both the first and second shorts.

Playing by force, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard inherited the disc in the slot, but even if the disc moved between Dell pads, it slipped to the left of the grid. In the second half, Cedric Paquette managed to cut the net, but could not complete his maneuver with a backhand.

Laval’s team doubled their lead by taking advantage of a four-on-two attack. Paquette left the disc for Belpedio, who was coming in the second wave, and the defender’s shot went to Del’s right. The US goalkeeper may have been distracted by defender Jimmy Schuldt’s gaffe.

The rest of the period was the prerogative of Primo, as he closed the door to the Americans. The fans had no choice but to chant his name after he completed two sets of jewels at the expense of Rutsalainen and Lukas Rusk in the last minute.

Condota dealt the Americans a heavy blow by lighting up a red light in the middle of the third period. He jumped on a bounce off Peter Abbandonato to give the Rocket a 3-0 lead.

Rutsalainen beat Primo with the Americans playing with six players, but it was too little in hindsight.

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