Kelsey Mitchell wins Keren gold; Genest falls in the final

Frederick Daigle, The Canadian Press

Melton, Ont.; – Kelsey Mitchell’s victory over Keren was somewhat clouded by the fall of fellow countryman and good friend Lorient Genest, due to the fault of defending champion Leah Sophie Friedrich, who prevented three participants from completing the Grand Final.

On the penultimate lap, Genest, then the fifth, tried to move the peloton from the outside. Then Friedrich took second place behind Mitchell. For some unknown reason, it veered off course, causing a devastating domino effect.

Her throw forced Japanese Yuka Kobayashi to leave the racing line to her right. So at the height of the rear wheel, Genest couldn’t avoid it. Dutchman Stevie van der Beet, who was just behind Kobayashi, was a side victim of this high speed collision.

“Frank (Durivaux, coach of the runners) showed me the video after the race. The German obviously left her lane and that pushed the Japanese towards me. “During the race, I thought it was me,” said Jenst, who sustained only a few injuries from sliding on the Matami National Cycling Center floor. Indeed.” She also rode her bike to cross the finish line a few minutes after the accident.

“I’m glad I finished the race and to be able to say I finished third with the others.”

Genst and van der Beet rose to their feet on their own, but Kobayashi, whose head hit the ground hard, had to be carried on a stretcher from the can. It turned out to be a precaution and she joined his team.

Meanwhile, Mitchell beat Friedrich Friedrich and Japan’s Mina Sato, who slipped to third by default, to win his third medal this weekend, after a bronze in the sprint and a silver in the sprint.

“I know falling is part of the sport, but it’s scary and sad to see,” said the winner. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the podium at Kirin, so it feels great.

Still waiting before celebrating her victory, Mitchell wants to hear first from Genest and the other riders.

“When I completed my last turn, I saw Lorient on the ground and that’s not what you wanted to see. The crowd was still screaming and I knew my pursuers were attacking me, so I had to redouble my efforts to secure my victory. But (seeing Lorient on the ground) made me hesitate for a split second. He gave me this Victory mixed feelings.

If Mitchell gets his medal, Friedrich will not be able to touch the silver. Believing the German was responsible for all the chaos, Canada and Japan lodged a protest with UCI officials. After revising the line, they relegated Friedrich and upgraded Sato to second place. The three riders participating in the drift finished third, but no bronze was awarded.

Genest, a bronze medalist at the last Olympics in Tokyo and the Glasgow Nations Cup in the Kirin, was trying for a second medal this weekend after sharing the podium with Mitchell, Sarah Urban and Jackie Boyle in the team sprint and finished at the foot. him in a solo race.

Stop yesterday and friendly at the eighth

Earlier in the day, Nick Wams and Ryan Doddick stopped in for a sprint in the Round of 16.

Yesterday was eliminated by Japanese Kento Yamasaki in his race. Meanwhile, Dudek was smiling after handing the win to the last Olympics and Worlds silver medalist, Dutchman Jeffrey Hoagland, after an impressive run.

Albertan was face to face with one of the best workers in his profession, and was so close in fact that the cyclists’ feet were affected. Doddick had to slow his pace for a split second so he wouldn’t fall.

Hoagland lost in the final to Australian Matthew Richardson. Britain’s Jack Carlin ranked third. Wass and Dodik officially finished 10th and 11th.

Canadian tandems in Madison, Sarah Van Damme and Lily Blunt, didn’t really manage to climb to the top, taking no points to finish 11th in an event won by Italians Elisa Balsamo and Chiara Consoni with 54 points. They beat Australians Alexandra Manley and Chloe Moran (45), as well as Ireland’s Mia Griffin and Alice Sharp (29).

In the Men’s Omnium, Jackson Kinberg finished 14th with 50 points after three of the four stages, but was unable to finish the points race and thus did not receive an official standings. His best performance came at Point Zero, where he finished 11th and collected 20 points.

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