Kitchen Battle: The Culinary Passion of Four Candidates

They have an innate talent for cooking and are among the sixteen participants in the Kitchen Battle. This cooking competition is organized by Défi Digital and TéléPlus, in association with Tea Blenders Ltd and Island Meat Distribution. “Battles” will soon be broadcast on the Facebook page and the TéléPlus YouTube channel.

Andriano Kayama: A fan of mixed cuisine

Andriano Kayama was able to control his stress during his presentation.

Andriano Kayama, 20, made a coconut milk curry sauce with grilled chicken thighs and tagliatelle with curry leaves. It is credited with the fusion of Mauritian and Italian cuisine. He relied on his appreciation for pasta. In addition, he recently got a job in a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine.

The Quatre-Bornes resident makes no secret that he was stressed out during the selection. My hands were trembling. But as soon as the dish was ready, I was satisfied. And I was able to give my presentation,” he says.

Andriano Cayama learns techniques for controlling his stress because he wants to go as far as possible in Kitchen Battle. He also watches videos, recipes and experiments. He has a penchant for the built-in kitchen.

The built-in kitchen allows you to make the most of different ingredients for unexpected and fun flavours. It also requires creativity, because a good mixture of ingredients ensures harmony on the dish,” said a first-year student at the Polytechnic Mauritius.

Andriano Kayama inherited his love of cooking from his grandmother. “I must have been 11 or 12 years old when I first cooked with my grandmother. We made bran out of dried prawns,” he says.

In the fourth form, he chose “Food and Nutrition” at Phoenix Adventist College. His mentor encourages him on his culinary journey. But he did not receive the five “credits” required to continue his education.

Then he allows himself some time to think. Soon, he discovered the Culinary Arts Diploma. “I had new hope and decided to move forward in a field that I valued. The classroom and campus experience fueled my passion for cooking.”

Andriano Kayama dreams of becoming a chef and wants to gain experience.

Deevelesh Omrawoo: From telecommunications to cooking

He loves to explore new flavors and uses ‘butter chicken’ sauce in his biryani or pizza.

Deevelesh Omrawoo’s career is somewhat atypical. Without regret, the 25-year-old, who is a resident of Teak, pursues his dream. He had initially chosen to study in the field of telecommunications. “My parents told me I would have no future in the kitchen,” he says.

Two years later, he replaced his engineering equipment with kitchen appliances in the evening. Driven by his passion, he works as an assistant in a restaurant. During the confinement he launched the Instagram page The Tipsy Chef, encouraged by his friends. “I focused on cooking that was easy to do at home.”

Finally he takes the leap. Once he finished his studies in telecommunications, he enrolled as a student in “Hospitality Management with Culinary Arts” at Ecole Hôtelière Sir Gaëtan Duval.

“I had the support of my family who realized this was my way.”

Deevelesh Omrawoo has finally been following his passion since April 2022. “I would describe my cooking as an innovative mix. I love to explore new foods, and above all local produce. I also bet a lot on fighting waste and often use inexpensive ingredients in my dishes.”

This time he wanted to try his luck in the Kitchen Battle competition. “I wanted to conquer my fears in front of a jury of professionals.”

On the day of the tests, his dish was room-flavored: “butter-chicken”. He crushed the spices for the sauce himself. “The butter chicken sauce is so versatile. I sometimes use it for biryani or even pizza.”

Currently, Deevilesh Omrawoo is trying to improve his baking skills with the help of his friends. I have a message for young people who are still hesitant to get started. There is a future in the hotel industry and I encourage them to follow this path. »

Ivani Modly Verasame: The Queen of Vindayes

Thanks to vindaye d’ourite, I qualified for the ‘battles’. She had embarked on the renovation but had to close the shop due to the pandemic.

Yvanee Modely Veerasamy is betting on an intuitive kitchen, the kitchen she has a secret. We discover its roots through its spices and flavours.

The 31-year-old mother of two has grown in love with cooking for the past four years. For if she had seen her mother bring a frittata every day at her restaurant in Rose Hill, that path would not have interest her at the time.

I worked for seven years in the administrative department of a construction company. “I had complications during my pregnancy. Which made me stop working. I was sick often.”

Then I proceeded with the restoration. “My husband was discouraging me because he knew it wouldn’t be easy. I would still like to try. When I was four months pregnant, I set up a barbecue area in front of our house. »

By word of mouth, his barbecue is very popular, exceeding his expectations. “I started three times a week, from Friday to Sunday, then ended up finding a place not far from my house and it became a full-time job.”

One day, you receive an order to buy vindaye and ourite fish for an event. She accepted the challenge. “It has become my signature dish because I have my own personal touch.”

But the epidemic is forcing him to close the shop. She was pregnant with her second child, and got a job as an insurance agent.

Yvanee Modely Veerasamy says she spends less time in the kitchen due to her busy schedule. However, she makes it her duty, as soon as the opportunity arises, to cook a good baking dish for her husband and children.

“One weekday while I was driving, I heard about the Kitchen Battle contest over the radio. I signed up right away, unconvinced that I was selected. This is her first participation in the cooking contest and during the tests she was confirmed. However, she says she had a great experience. I qualified thanks to vindaye d’ourite.

“I really appreciate the chefs’ comments. They will help me improve for the next stage. So far I don’t have any ideas of what I can prepare.”

Noria Sebrati: Cooking is her joy

Nuria Subrati dreams of becoming a chef.

“Verrine Chocolate Peach Parfait” is the recipe prepared by Nouria Subrati for the selection stage. “This caramel dessert is not easy to prepare. It requires concentration, but I often make it, especially for my guests.”

She is 18 years old, and she enjoys preparing sweets. She also loves to bake marzipan. “Mo enn eksper ladan. » Sponge cake, banana pie, cabbage and donuts are among his other specialties. Nouriya Subrati wants to show off her innate talent for cooking and comes close to her dream of becoming a chef.

The Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche resident discovered her passion at the age of 15. “We used to bake cakes in school and our teacher loved them. She encouraged us to keep going in the sector.

This is how she chose the topic “Food and Nutrition” in the fourth model. She bakes cakes and discovers new recipes. “Gradually, I began to cook sweets and pastries at home. Cooking gives me joy and helps me relax. »

Nouria Subrati finishes her studies in 2021, after obtaining her school certificate. “I didn’t get the five ‘credits’ needed to start the lower six,” she says.

With the support of her parents, she mastered herself in the pastry industry. She is currently taking a course in this field. “My trainer, a chef, taught me about the Kitchen Battle contest. She sent me an advertisement video on WhatsApp and encouraged me to participate in it to gain experience. I signed up and was happy to be chosen.”

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