Kleiner Nomade: Wilhelm, a small house with only 9900 euros

Have you dreamed of a small house kit to build yourself, but can not find what you are looking for? What if you tried to turn to our German neighbors and trust Kleiner Nomade, one of the largest builders of small houses across the Rhine? Kleiner Nomade has been around for several years and specializes in building small wooden, ecological and possibly autonomous wooden houses. For less than € 10,000 (excluding delivery costs), the company offers a basic kit that you have to build yourself. To prove to you that you can live comfortably there, one of their models, Wilhelm, is available for rent. Testing before you buy can be a good idea. We will explain everything to you!

What is the basic set of Kleiner Nomade?

Specifically, the German company offers two complete models:

  • Raw Tiny House set “PURE” which starts from 9900 € and includes the entire structure of the small house and trailer;
  • Basic set Tiny House “BASIC” which starts from 11800 € and includes, in addition to the structure and trailer, the necessary materials for insulation (wind and hermetic films from pro clima, adhesive tapes needed, Lehner Wool “Optimal” insulation of wool deleve).
Photo: Land of Green

Discovery of Wilhelm’s Little House

The Wilhelm is mounted on a dual-axle trailer that can carry a maximum of 3.5 tonnes. With this weight, she will be limited to a speed of 80 km / h. With its width of 2.55 meters and its length of 7.28 meters, it is clear that this small house is not designed to be moved very often, but still bears the name of its small house, as it is built on a trailer. This little house is called an off-grid house, so you can take it anywhere (or almost) without relying on home networks.

Interior of the Small House
Photo: Land of Green

A little visit inside?

Upon entering Wilhelm, we discover on the left the living room which offers a sofa and a desk on a heated floor. On the right there is an L-shaped kitchen with fridge, cooking, cupboards, etc. It is obviously supplied with water, through an autonomous system installed in the potty. Still on the ground floor are the toilets and toilet. Upstairs is the sleeping area with a large bed with a window that acts as a “head”. Little Wilhelm is designed to accommodate four people, as the sofa becomes an extra bed. Specifically, if you want to build even a small Wilhelm house, you will need to purchase the basic kit as specified above and add the rest that the company offers as an option. Assuming you would like the “turnkey” model, he would come back to you about 50 thousand euros. The company announces a delay of 8 weeks just for the delivery of the frame. If you want to rent it and spend a few days in little Wilhelm, it is available here and is close to Bremen in Germany.


  • Dimensions: Length: 7.28 m / Width: 2.55 m / Height: 3.98 m.
  • Structure: Special tandem shaft 3.5 tons Tiny House with approval 80 km / h.
  • Construction of wooden frame with systematic use of green building materials.
  • Roof: sloping with a gallery.
  • Isolation: NaturPlus certified Austrian virgin sheep wool without biocides.
  • Inner panel: Tongue and groove in solid spruce with white spots with a slight slope.
  • Floor: Solid Austrian fir tiles.
  • Furniture: Windows and wooden doors from Denmark with safety glass.
  • Installation of water supply and sewerage service system: Complex servicing and installation of sewerage.
  • Installation of autonomous power supply: Preparation for the photovoltaic system.
  • Heating: infrared radiators (living room) / towel radiators (bathroom)

For all requests for additional information (quotes, delivery times) You can contact Kleiner Nomade on their contact page. Since the company is located in Germany, delivery must be possible in France.

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