Komoot Sports Test on the Polar Grit X Pro Titan Connected Watch!

Komoot’s Polar Grit X Pro Titan review.

After enjoying the Polar Vantage V2 for so long, we were tempted to savor the Polar Grit X Pro Titan’s titanium case and its textured and leather straps. We wanted to know what this sporty watch would allow by linking it to the Komoot cycling map service. Test on the way to Romainmôtier Abbey …

When you open the Polar Grit X Pro Titan case, you will be immediately amazed at the lightness of this watch with its original vegan leather strap, about 70 grams. In terms of features, this new version is very similar to Vantage V2, which now also benefits from integration with Komoot. Its reflective screen protected by sapphire crystal dedicates it to outdoor sports.

For brand regulators, getting started is very simple. After fast charging with the included magnetic charger, just follow the onscreen procedure to pair it with your smartphone. In a few minutes, you can import the latest recordings and sports profiles.

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