Kylie Jenner launches a fashionable wedding dress

Highly expected after losing it last year (simultaneous pregnancy), as well as in Met Gala 2020 suspended due to COVID-19, Kylie Jenner He was no exception to the rule set by Anna Wintour.

The person who first appeared in dead Gala In 2016 in a Balmain dress made by Olivier Rousteing, he was present in 2019. At that time, he wore a purple feathered dress Kylie Jenner hypnotized fashion field. A sculpted dress made headlines as the Versace creation looked inspired by a model created by artist Lavender May. I made this dress in 2016 for a performance with Dita Von Teese at Olympia in Montreal, I even posted a picture of my infographic on Instagram ‘,” the latter explained.

All in all, for this new edition, the party organized by Baba Fashion Investor is as usual The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York On Monday, May 2, 2022. Annual repeat obligatory, the audience of celebrities invited to this prestigious event had to adhere to the theme imposed by the famous artistic director of Condé Nast and editor-in-chief of the American edition of Vogue magazine.

If she puts herself back under the sign of rhinestones and sequins, the dead Gala He had the same purpose of raising money for Fashion Institute. in the program ? A delicate journey, ending with a traditional social dinner organized by the fashion papa herself, and beginning with a highly eclectic group video call Stand on the red carpet for the legendary steps of the New York Museum.

And just like last year, the theme for the Met Gala 2022 was ” Gilded Glitter, White Tie »revolves around the “gilded age”, in other wordsAmerican golden age from the 1870s and 1890s, forming an integral part of US history. The theme is inspired by the expression of writer Mark Twain, and symbolizes the post-Civil War period, a period when the country’s economic and industrial growth was booming.

Answering the call in all circumstances, the Kardashian-Jenner clan turned on the electricity red carpet By outlining their best festive looks. yes Kim kardashian He wore the see-through dress he was wearing Marlin Monroe In 1962 to sing Happy birthday sir On the forty-fifth birthday of John F. Kennedy, half-sister Kylie Jenner She also underwent an amazing transformation. His signature? a Wedding Dress In the modern era, surprisingly to say the least.

Kylie Jenner wears an off-white wedding dress at the Met Gala 2022

Faithful to its legendary status in the fashion world, Kylie Jenner Make room for his stylistic exercise Anna Wintour. And for good reason, the reality TV star, who has more than 334 million subscribers on Instagram, did not fail to name one of the posts about her outfits: “ diamond of the season “The Diamond of the Season” literally repeats the fictitious and honorary title bestowed by Queen Charlotte in The Bridgeton Chronicle which has been creating emulators since the release of season two.

Kylie Jenner in an ivory white wedding dress: a wedding in anticipation?

Clearly a huge fan of the Netflix series, the young entrepreneur and founder of her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics has turned married fan Sportswear. A double-edged look at the modosphere expert in mathematical judgment, who agrees or disagrees with this Wedding Dress Designed by Off-White Fall/Winter 2022-2023. A proven risk for the youngest billionaire in history, whose personal fortune is estimated at 590 million dollars (510 million euros), according to the magazine. Forbes.

Moreover, this is a file Wedding Dress A great tribute to Virgil Abloh, former artistic director of the Louis Vuitton men’s house and collections. Sad about the disappearance of the fashion designer who passed away on November 28, 2021 of cancer, Kylie Jenner He regrets not being able to come with the latter. ” Virgil and I were supposed to go to the Met together before it was pushed back to 2020. V’s celebration tonight and his amazing legacy really means the world to me. It writes the principal interested party on its authorized account.

Sportswear effect wedding dress

With some wedding special effects, this personalized set consists of a tulle skirt Ethereal, layered over several floors, assembled with an openwork woven shirt stamped with the “Off” logo. Everyone makes a false argument for . Wedding Dress Bust, long enough to not need a train.

Proud to switch up the traditional wedding veil, Kylie Jenr wears a baseball cap worn back, relieved of her job Streetwear Thanks to a small veil decorated with elegant floral embroidery. In a relationship with rapper Travis Scott, mother of two, Stormi (4 years old) and a 3 month old baby boy whose first name is still unknown… Would you like Kylie Jenner to marriage ?

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