LA MINUTE SPORT Bulletin for Thursday, May 5

Anthony Brianson’s contract has expired (photo by Anthony Morin).

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Olympic name

Ange is not interested. With Bratveit, Martinez, Paquiez and Mbow, Anthony Brianson was one of his players at the end of the contract on June 30th who could extend their contract at Nimes. On Monday, Nîmes Olympique president Rani Assaf said he wanted to keep the player instead: I’m waiting for the end of the season to start discussions. We need great players. We’ve missed Anthony a lot this season. We see that his return has a direct impact on the life of the locker room. » The drop in salary should be part of the conditions to see the Defender continue venturing into the Gard. In recent weeks, numerous rumors circulated about SCO Angers’ interest in Captain Neem. Ligue 1 club whose sporting coordinator is none other than Laurent Boissier, former Crocos sporting director. “This is not a profile that interests us, we already have people in this position”flatly captivates the person who has also held the position of sports assistant in Nîmes for a few months.

The new corporate area will be introduced (YouTube screenshot)

Introduced the new stadium. In his desire to communicate more, Rani Assaf aims in particular to highlight the project for the new stadium and the new area. After a great public consultation that brought together quite a few people, the major contributor to NO wants to introduce this project to local businesses. Regarding the CCI du Gard (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the Nîmes Métropole, a meeting will be held on June 23 at the Jérôme Nutile Restaurant with several business leaders. “We want to talk about what we offer companies in terms of offices”The two were mentioned by Rani Assaf. As a reminder, the Bastide Médical Group is interested in moving its headquarters to the futuristic building built by SAS Nemau.

Rani Assaf was not entirely in favor of appointing Jerome Arbennon to the first place (Photo Corentin Corger)

“I had doubts.” Since Monday, we return every day to the most important statements of President Rani Assaf. It must be said that within 50 minutes of the intervention, he had time to process several subjects. We return in particular to the paragraph of Reda Hamach, the sporting director, who spent two years at the club from December 2019 to December 2021. “It is a mistake in serving as it happens a lot. It is clear that he is not the person who plays for a club in the second division”Presumably Rani Assaf, who also answered the question: What did he lose? “A true vision of the team.” In this interview with the press, the president admitted, “It’s the first time I’ve chosen my coach”Remembering the arrival of Nicholas Osach who was “I adore”. “The antecedents are not me, that’s why there will be no sporting director,” he added. If Pascal Blanc is close to Reda Hamach, then Rani Assaf appears to agree with the appointment of Jerome Arbinon to first place in June 2020: “It’s continuity, it’s programmed. We pushed Jerome to get his diplomas,” was saying at the time. This week, the former Free Technical Director confirmed that he does not fully agree with this option: “I wasn’t the one I chose, it was the athletic director. I even expressed my doubts at the time, saying: Are you sure she’s good? Isn’t it time for a change? Now I’m just listening to my instincts.” Finally Bill Mill, Rani Assaf hopes to obtain the building permit for the new stadium within a year with construction starting no earlier than 2024 and opening before 2026. Regarding the training center: “I am desperately looking for land to move.” Finally, Puma will no longer be the club’s equipment supplier next season. It looks like Kipsta has grabbed the ropes to take over but nothing is official yet.

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