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Lucas Dias will start in Toulouse (photo by Anthony Maureen).

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Olympic name

slide holder. Tomorrow at 7 pm, Nîmes Olympique (8th place, 49 points) travels to the stadium, sold out, to face Toulouse (1st place, 76 points) as part of the 37th day of the French Ligue 1. In the event of a win, Crocos is deprived of five players: Valerio, Sainte-Luce, Ferhat, Philibert and Doucouré. Pontet and Zidane will accompany the professional group on this short trip but will not appear on the scoresheet. It was Nicolas Osau’s wish initially, but it will prevent players from playing next week with the reserve battling to keep him in N3. A match that will be special for Nimes coach because he is close to his Téfécé counterpart, Philippe Montagnier: “He was my teacher when I graduated. I chat with him every week.” For this meeting, Nicolas Osau has already decided to create again Lucas Dias, author of several crucial stops in Nancy (1-3), “He is the one who will finish the season.” The club’s trained goalkeeper could become number one next season because if NO were to exercise the option to buy Bratveit, the Norwegian doesn’t seem to want to stay at Gard.

Possible combination of Toulouse: Dias, Pratvite – Bakuys, Berner, Ueda, Brianson, Mbo, Martinez, Qaisum, Sadzot – Delbach, Sar, Ponso, Fomba, Benraho, Eliasson – Omarson, Kone.

Maël Durand by Gévigney (Photo FC Versailles)

Durand de Gévigny is approaching. Looking at the construction site, Nicolas Osau is already preparing his workforce for the next year, and therefore the club is keeping a close eye on several players. On Wednesday, 11 young footballers born between 2001 and 2002 submitted for a test at Coquiere Stadium. However, it was not initially planned to attempt to attract one of its players, “He will not leave any contract proposal but perhaps we can request it in the composition of the group at the end of the transfer window.”Said Nicholas Osaki who loved a striker and a defender that day. This week, N3 players have also been reviewed but for now “There is no reversal of signing a professional contract”, confirms to the coach. This morning he attended the pre-match press conference, and responded to various rumors, in particular about the arrival of Mile Durand de Givigny, who plays for Versailles (N2): “He’s a player we follow closely.” If the coach had continued to dribble, the club would have already reached an agreement with the player. The central defender was famous for the epic that his club achieved this season in the Coupe de France, which reached the semi-finals before losing to Nice (2-0). Regarding, Mustafa Mbo, the coach of Neem announced that the loan extension was on the right track. It seems that all parties agree. Many names have been mentioned such as that of Thibaut Vargas, “A player we have been following for several months.” Among the running files, let’s not forget Nicolas Benezet who has been training since January with the group with a profile that appeals to the Marseille technician.

Usham Nimes Guard

Quentin Dubuis is off season (Photo by Corentin Corger)

Dupuis, the season is over. This Sunday at 5 p.m., USAM (7, 26 points) receive Dunkirk (12, 18 points) in Parnasse for Day 25 of Starligue. To continue to hope for a sixth place finish, synonymous with European qualification at the end of the season, Nîmes must inevitably win against the Northerners. Every match is a final!, confirms to O’brian Nyateu before this deadline. But Yann Palmosier will have to dispense with Quentin Dupuy, who was injured this week in training and who has a severe ankle sprain. “It’s a fact rooted in training. We had just found him by Saran, we have to deal with him, we’re moving forward », comments Nimes’ coach who will not be able to rely on his defender until the end of the season. And so Dupuis joins Tessio, R. Salou and Hisham in the infirmary. Bonnefond (back) and M.Salou (thigh) is uncertain. For this meeting, the club decided to make a kind gesture and invite 200 to 300 people to the various Nîmes sports associations. USAM offers 10 invitations per club at a preferential price of €5 from 10 tickets purchased. Associations wishing to do so can contact the Communications / Ticketing Department, before 8 pm tomorrow and within the limits of available places, at the following e-mail:

Nyato in Dunkirk? Regarding the Usamist workforce for next season, we already know that Paul will not be from Nîmes, that Desbonnet will be leaving for Montpellier and that Guigou will be discontinuing his career. Midfielder O’Brien Nieto-Guard is also likely to leave at the end of the season. When asked about this morning (see video above), the player searches for a new destination: “Right now I have one year left on my contract. They asked me if I could leave. Right now, I don’t know what the future holds. I’m looking, we’ll see. I’m open to all proposals. If I find a contract, I’m leaving this summer. For now. I don’t have a rule, I didn’t sign. » According to a northern source, the former Nantes player could return to Dunkirk and thus find his former coach Franck Maurice, with whom he rubbed shoulders for five years in the Gard capital. After the Sunday meeting, the topic is certainly likely to be discussed.

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