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Former President of Nîmes Olympique Jean-Louis Gazeau responded to remarks made by Rani Assaf this Monday morning (photo EL/OG)

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“You can’t stop there.” This morning, from Coquiere Stadium, Rani Assaf spoke for nearly 50 minutes to the local press. After declaring that he would communicate further and assuring that the club was doing well financially, the Nîmes president was not very kind to the Gazo family, who had previously been the club’s largest shareholder. “These people are cancer for the club, we have to get rid of them and the treatment will be violent and bad.” He said without precisely naming who he was targeting, but pointed to thirty years of inactivity. Contacted by our editorial staff, Jean-Louis Gazou wished to respond: “I am completely outraged by Mr. Assaf’s comments. It is not true that we are accused of circulating information because we do not have the numbers.” Former President of Crocos “You don’t want to stop there.” During his speech, Rani Assaf described the sports results before his arrival as nothing. “We were in the final of the Coupe de France in 1996, the National champion with a climb in Ligue 2. When I arrived, the club was in deficit at the National and when I left, we were in Ligue 2 and the scores were good. Nîmes Olympique had his own training center which helped the club For moving to Ligue 1. It’s more thanks to Bernard Blaquart than Rani Assaf. He insults the past and we let this club die without a reaction, it hurts. Winds up Jean-Louis Gazou who plans to file a complaint for defamation.

11 million euros budget. When asked about several topics during this exchange, Rani Assaf talked about the upcoming season. First of all, athletic ambition: “Nîmes Olympique should be systematically in the first part of the table”to the president of Nîmes who wants to build a competitive team so it doesn’t fall into the National with four dynasties planned for next season. We aim at the top of the table so there are no accidents. My red line is patriotic. To achieve this, he will set a budget of €11m to €12m with payrolls of €3.5m to €4m, which is close to this season’s budget. There will be no sporting director in the short and medium term, Rani Assaf prefers to rely on the existing staffing unit and coach for the transfer window. With the start of a new era, many players will be leaving this summer and the arrivals are inevitably expected to arrive: the end of the contract and mainly loans. “There will always be foreign players, but the goal is to get back to recruiting experienced National and Ligue 2 players at the age of 30 and even from Ligue 1”, says Rani Assaf, who claims to have already signed with two players. The latter also denied the idea of ​​a salary cap: There will be no salary cap. What nonsense, I don’t know where it came from. It’s totally silly. The average salary this season at Nîmes Olympique was €14,700 and it is expected to drop next season. The president wants 25 players on contract, and it remains to be seen if Anthony Brianson, who is one of the club’s highest-paid and at the end of the contract on June 30, will be part of it: “I am waiting for the end of the season to start discussions. We need great players. We have missed Anthony a lot this season. We see that his return has a direct impact on the life of the locker room.”


He will face RCN Romelli in the Federal Division I quarter-finals (Photo Yannick Pons)

romelli in the quarter. Saturday night, RCN certified his ticket to the quarterfinals of this Federal 1 final stage with a 15-3 victory over Mâcon. Striker Samuel Roach carried Nimes’ team, the owner of all the points scored by his team. After the rest of yesterday’s second leg matches, Nimes knows his opponent in the quarter-finals: it’s Rumeli. After a narrow defeat in the first leg (8-6), Ott Savoyards beat its guest Marmandy (29-15). The first quarter will take place on Sunday May 8th at 3pm at Grangettes Stadium in Rumilly before returning to Kaufmann on Saturday May 14th at 7:30pm for another major rugby festival. The goal would be to bypass the crowd against Macon as there were 2,000 supporters.


Gardwas’ Sherine Buckley wins her second European Champion (Photo Maxppp)

Shireen Buckley, European champion -48 kg. Friday in Sofia (Bulgaria), the compatriot of Aramoun won his second continental title, after the one he got in 2020. Sherine Buckley eliminated Portugal’s Catarina Costa in the final. Gardoise flew above the competition by winning three times at Ippon and in the final at waza-ari. I felt reassured after being eliminated from the first round at the Tokyo Olympics last summer. The European champion can now turn to the World Championships, which will be held in Uzbekistan in October. (Find his interview at this link)

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