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After Peralada and Spain for several years, crocodiles in the Alps should prepare this summer (photo by Norman Jardine)

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Olympic name

Nîmes Olympique planned three friendlies (Photo Corentin Corger)

Training in the Alps? In preparation for the 2022-2023 season, Nîmes Olympique is gradually preparing the important dates for his summer. But crocodiles will not train in Spain. The hoped-for time was inland, and Rani Assaf did not reserve a residence across the Pyrenees, declaring that Nimes would prefer to go this summer to the side of the Alps, without revealing the point of the fall. As for the program of friendly matches, it is already ahead with three matches out of the four scheduled matches. Two Ligue 1 teams cannot face off, especially the clubs that Nimes used to meet during previous preparations.

Temporary stadium, work begins on May 15. During a press conference held on Monday morning, Rani Assaf, Co-Chairman of Nimes Olympique, spoke about the progress of work at the temporary stadium. Excavations led by DRAC and INRAP led to the discovery of graves and skeletons, delaying the start of work on the new crocodile enclosure. ” We thought we would return Earth in mid-December, and it would launch on May 15th with a difference of six months,” The NO chief explains before adding: “ 85% of the companies operating on the site are from Gard and the bulk of the stands will be built by a company from San Gil.” Finally, Rani Assaf spoke about the quality of the final product: “ It would be a very nice stadium, much better than here.” AgainstI understand Custer Stadium.

The Nîmes are used to the low attendance at the Costières, and will likely play in front of the sold-out crowd in Toulouse (Photo Anthony Maurin).

TFC – Not sold. After losing 1-0 last night at Rhodes, Toulouse Football Club is not yet officially the second division champion, and Ajaccio has yet to win in Grenoble. In front of the Crocodiles, TFC is about to live an unforgettable evening and open Champagne. This meeting will likely sell out because, four days before this meeting, 20,053 places have already been sold. The context will change Nimes from their daily lives, they who usually play with an average of 1,853 spectators and whose guest record this season is 9,983 spectators at Gangan on October 23.

In 2008, Mickael Colloredo and Nîmes moved to Ligue 2 after a 3-1 win over Laval (Image via MaxPPP)

A goal in Laval! The Crocodiles will play on Saturday in Toulouse, who could become the L2 champion on this occasion and who will play in Ligue 1 next season. So there won’t be a trip to the field next season, but with Stade Lavallois, Nîmes will find an old opponent from the 1970s to 2010. The Mayennais captain won a Ligue 2 ticket yesterday evening, winning the Chambly 3-0. The Tango and the Lions will surely bring back some memories for Nimes supporters such as promotion into the Second Division after an unforgettable game at Costiers that Laval won. We now know nine teams that will play in the second division next season: Amiens, Bastia, Caen, Dijon, Grenoble, Jancamp, Laval, Nimes and Pau.


Six Quarters Championship returns (photo by Corentin Corger)

The Six Seasons Championship returns on Friday. Launched in 2012, with the support of the City of Nîmes, this project aims to introduce people to the practice of rugby in the neighborhoods of Nîmes. In addition to practicing rugby, this procedure also allows for the transmission of values ​​such as respect for rules and others, solidarity, and fighting spirit. Each youth, other than athletic support, is entitled to a rugby shirt (created specifically for the 6th District Championship and the color of the neighborhood he will represent), a full training apparel (T-shirt, shorts, sock) as well as a medal. This tournament is for children registered in the social, cultural and sports centers of Valdegour, Mas-de-Mingue, Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon, Route d’Arles, Gambetta and Pissevin. It is Beseven who will defend his title in 2021 after defeating Valdegor, winner of the 2019 and 2020 editions. Program: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.: Six Provincial Championships, 2 p.m. Bonuses.

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