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Fans will be consulted to give their opinion on the temporary stadium name (Photo DR)

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Olympic name

Antonin Stadium?We have to catch up with five months in six months “Last week, Rani Assaf showed the makeshift stadium. Nîmes Olympique president still hopes to see his team play in this arena at the end of December 2022, the beginning of January 2023 and finally leave the dilapidated Costières Stadium. Work is also about to begin. And on Monday, the club will launch Big online consultation for two weeks so that fans can give their opinion on the name of this temporary stadium. Three names will be proposed. Among these proposals, Antonin Stadium, a name that would particularly appeal to Nimes President. Another free field square will be available so that he can Everyone have an original idea of ​​expressing themselves.

A gathering of Nimes supporters will be held on Saturday in front of the Coquiere Stadium (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Gathering at Costieres. This Saturday at 7pm, Nîmes Olympique (9And49 points) Bastia receives (15 .)And43 points) for the last game of the season in a no-bet meeting with the exception of Crocus to finish in the top 10 of this league 2. On this occasion, the three groups of club fans (Gladiators Nîmes 1991, Nemausus 2013, Central Club Supporters Club) called for a day rally. Saturday at 5.30 p.m. in front of the main courtyard of Coquiere Stadium. “All the fans who are frustrated with this season filled with the stadium and the desert in the stands, for all the opponents of Rani Assaf and his scorched earth policy, for all those who no longer know their favorite club”, So we are invited to the meeting, can we read in the press release. Upon reaching the stadium, players must find a hostile audience. Groups that encourage supporters to come: “To express your anger and remind you that no matter what happens: the people of Nim will not give up!” The club announced, today, that the training on Friday (ten in the morning) will be open to the public, and it will be the last of the season.

Usham Nimes Guard

USAM players took part in an environmentally responsible jog (Photo: Corentin Corger)

On the trash attack. This afternoon, all USAM professional players as well as the club’s youth are set up at the Jardins de la Fontaine for puberty. This is responsible jogging for the environment. You can be called Michelle Jeju, be a three-time Olympic gold medalist and still take your pliers and trash bag to pick up trash in the city. More than 250 people have responded to this first edition that the club wants to perpetuate. “The goal is to encourage the right actions,” USAM President, David Ok responded. There were other sports associations such as the Nîmes Basket or the Chemin Bas d’Avignon youth footballers. Océan joined this initiative by providing equipment for waste collection. The teams are divided into several sectors: Tour Magne, Jardins de la Fontaine and Tour Magne. The Usamists’ next match will take place on May 21 with a crucial trip to Toulouse, the direct contender for qualification to the European Cup.


ponzi roller coaster. On Monday, Benjamin Ponzi won the ‘Challenger’ Aix with a final victory over fellow countryman Grégoire Barrier (247)And world) 6-4, 6-2. Gardoa also won his eighth Challenger title after Bochfstrom (South Africa), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Segovia (Spain), Saint-Tropez, Cassis and Rennes in 2021 and Cherbourg this year. The French international continues the BNP Paribas Primrose in Bordeaux where he finds and eliminates Grégoire Barrère again (6-1, 3-6, 7-5). Nimes, seeded 2, will face Uruguayan Martin Cuevas tomorrow in the last 16 of the Girondin tournament.

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