Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2023 update

Range Rover is the most famous car of the Land Rover brand, but Range Rover Sport is the North American sales champion of the famous English manufacturer.

Launched in 2005, then redesigned in 2013 with actor Daniel Craig during its world premiere in New York, now the third generation Range Rover Sport appears with the 2023 model year.

In terms of looks, the new Range Rover Sport is faithful to the brand’s current philosophy with a more refined look. We find typical stylistic symbols, such as the hood scallopedbut we also spotted an SUV that shows an assertive and sober presence.

Pictured: Land Rover

During his presentation, David Ibora, the brand’s director of exterior design, highlighted the three stripes that run the entire length of the body, from front to back. The first is the roof that recedes and falls towards the rear, the second is the roof of the shoulder that rises towards the back, while the third line hugging the sills also rises. Thus, these three stripes converge towards the rear of the Range Rover Sport, giving it a dynamic and sporty silhouette. Everything is completed with ultra-thin headlights and Oled lights that pay homage to the Range Rover name displayed on the rear roof. Standard wheels are 21 inches, but 23-inch wheels will be offered as an option.

In terms of size, this new performance SUV is three inches longer, and its wheelbase has increased by two inches over the outgoing model, improving leg clearance for rear passengers as well as the luggage compartment size. Loading, which saves 10% more space. From a technical point of view, the third generation of the Range Rover Sport is based on a polymetallic structure, which is 35% stiffer than the previous model.

Pictured: Land Rover

Sober and sporty interior design

The front seats, heated and ventilated, are cockpit-style with bulges on the sides, and the interior surface of the doors is covered in a textile material – called simply Tech – to a very nice effect. The look is technical and simple with a center console that includes rotary controls for the heating/air conditioning system. Above, the 13.1-inch screen houses the manufacturer’s proprietary Pivi Pro infotainment system. Wireless connectivity is possible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even Amazon Alexa.

The backs of the rear seats are inclined, and the panoramic roof makes the cabin bright. A new ambient noise cancellation system reduces the perception of road noise in the cabin by half compared to the previous model, while the audio system, designed by Meridian and featuring 29 speakers, has been upgraded. Contribute to the amplification of the engine sound in sports driving.

Pictured: Land Rover

Four engines on the program

For the Canadian market, the Range Rover Sport will be offered in four versions, the P400 Dynamic S, the P400 Dynamic SE, the P440e Dynamic HSE and the P530 First Edition with a price range of $101,750 to $133,650.

So, with a wide range of engines, combining light and plug-in hybrids and a V8 biturbo, the Range Rover Sport will be launched on the market, although the V8 will be reserved for the P530 First Edition, which will be the subject of limited production.

Pictured: Land Rover

high dynamic

Range Rover Sport 2023 is expected to show some increased dynamics, particularly with the package Storm Handling Package, which adds actuators to the adaptive air suspension to reduce body motion in sporty driving, all-wheel steering, and an active rear differential to improve agility and sportiness when cornering. In off-road driving, the Range Rover Sport can climb 45-degree slopes and navigate 35-inch-deep waterways.

Therefore, by stocking the new technologies developed by the manufacturer and offering a new look that is both stylish and dynamic, the Range Rover Sport enters the market. We are waiting to be able to lead it to inform you of its performance with full knowledge of the facts…

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