Le Sinner, the most unusual (and sexy) luxury hotel in Paris


Le Sinner, a high-end institution with a glamorous atmosphere, the latest bizarre address of the Evok group, in the heart of the sparkling Marais, detached from luxury hotel codes. 43 rooms and suites, in total and for all, designed for “aesthetes, urban investigators and special carts, curious to discover another page of luxury hotels through an unprecedented city scenario”. Thus, liberated from all standards, the institution, presented as a well-kept secret, offers a futuristic vision of living that prides itself on shamelessness and freedom of expression in an extravagant decor that is deceptively backward but undoubtedly elegant. Entering it is entering an almost mystical chiaroscuro.

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Behind each of Evok addresses, a lifestyle for a luxury style: the ambition, the universe and the living environment of each hotel are inspired by where they are installed. For its sinner, who would be more like a UFO, the group plunged into the atmosphere of one of Paris’s oldest neighborhoods, Marais. “The hotel has been able to appropriate the heritage of the district – at the same time rich, ecclesiastical, architectural, cheerful, creative and avant-garde – by cultivating its identity and divisive,” boast the three founders of the brand. hotelier, Pierre Bastid, Romain Yzerman and Emmanuel Sauvage. “The sinner is not just another place. It is an agile alchemy where destinies, eras, mysteries and a certain form of freedom intersect “, adds the third, the general manager of the group. And always, four core values ​​to adhere to the codes of a luxury hotel industry: excellence, availability, attention to detail and honest service.

How are the surroundings?

A neighborhood of art, design and fashion, in the heart of the triangle bordered by the sites of the Bastille, the Republic and the Hotel de Ville. So, inevitably, around, contemporary art galleries, boutiques of young stylists, historical museums, iconic monuments but also ultra trendy restaurants and bars.


The interior design is by Tristan Auer, a specialist in aesthetic clashes and blends of eras. To pay homage to this aristocratic circle and to catch the eye of the carelessness of the ’70s, the architect, always provocative, chose to oscillate between religious heritage, comfortable spaces and spectacular volumes. The result, “a crude aesthetic, radical contrasting lines with suggestive voles.” And then, to make and break the place, some well-intentioned curators. First, Amélie du Chalard, the founder of the Maison d’art, who chose unique pieces for the hotel that are contemporary and old from around the world (Helmut Palla chairs, armor by Nadine Altmayer, etc.); but also Fred Victor, founder and creative director of the Enterstice studio, to whom we entrusted Sinner’s artistic artistic direction, for whom he chose a large collection of vinyl records, 33 rpm and 45 rpm; finally Anatole Desachy, an independent bookseller specializing in the purchase and sale of photography books, who has created here an impressive collection of monographs by renowned photographers and works by writers from around the world.

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Cross the dark and silent corridors with a sacred atmosphere, behind heavy red doors decorated with knocks and holes, inspired by the entrances of carts, 43 unique rooms and suites that alarm the senses thanks to a olfactory universe, games of materials and a sharp artistic selection: velvet, wood, terracotta, works of art and paintings distilled here and there as treasures. On the top floor of the address, a suite, the only one, with cathedral volumes, designed as a real Parisian pied-à-terre.

Executive, from 620 euros a night


Classic, from 440 euros per night


Suite, from 1600 euros per night

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Food and drink:

“Simple, this shared kitchen uses traditional recipes and finds its full meaning in my approach to serving even light cuisine.” On the menu, “ethnic, ‘tribal’ cuisine, like the one in Kanoun in North Africa” ​​adds chef Adam Bentalha, head of cuisine and, formerly, chief executive of Brach Paris. Some examples of dishes: Peruvian-style white fish ceviche; bao burger kofta and hallumi; chicken karaage, Japanese mayonnaise, katsuobushi; spinach salad with spicy sesame, avocado, citrus, corn chocolate and cancha; black angus beef confetti in a clay crust; pao beef, arugula, truffles, parmesan; nasi lemak, coconut milk, lemon, pandanus … And equally beautiful dishes on the sweet side, this time, by MOF and pastry Yann Brys: pineapple carpaccio filled with olive and vanilla oil, pomegranate chips; cocoa, avocado…

Convinced that there is no more time to celebrate, Sinner has organized “festive, unifying, and galvanizing” defects since the beginning of the school year to nourish the mind, heart, and body. And to show, by the way, his support for artists and performing arts, the hotel has teamed up with Victor le Douarec and his “Victorious” artist team to imagine the artistic direction of this cheerful brothel. Live music, pieces of meat (or boiled) and bread for a hectic Sunday.

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