Legislative: the first representation of the Animal Party in Polynesia

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This is the first time that the Animal Party has been represented in elections in French Polynesia. Lawrence Percy is a real estate agent and partner at an accounting firm who will soon be attending law school, which she has been a part of since its founding in 2016 but says today that she wants to “carry the voice of the voiceless.”

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The Animalist Party (PA) gave its nomination to Lawrence Percy to represent him in French Polynesia. She is running in the legislative elections for the 1st District, and is replaced by Bernard Bigliumeni. This is her first political experience, but she has been a member of the National Party since its inception in 2016 and, like many other members, comes from the L214 Association. Choosing a one-theme party, she explains it by wanting to carry the animal cause without being ” They lost in the midst of election promises.” And ” dilute in programs. She says it’s a new challenge for Lawrence, who is a real estate agent and partner in an accounting firm and soon to be attending law school.

Animals Top the Party: “Voice of the Voiceless”

One of the main practices of the Animalist Party is to feature images of animals rather than images of candidates. They wish to be “the voice of the voiceless” and gain their respect in the same way that anyone explains the candidate in Polynesia. “We have several public actions that seem important to us, such as the creation of a Ministry of Animal Welfare” At the national level but also at the local level: a way to allocate more resources to the animal cause. Lawrence Percy, of course, wishes. enact legislation to protect pets and wild animals, and more specifically impose an obligation to sterilize animals that are not owned by owners, It will allow to regulate all the problems that we face on Earth, in particular the wandering and wandering of animals, and security problems. » The candidate also talks about a “Passport for the adopter”, or obtaining a license after training. In short, it is also a matter of organizing groups of animals without letting them get out of hand, by creating animal brigades in order to pet list Above all, by creating reception centers. Lawrence emphasizes association work but states that it is voluntary: “Today there is nothing for animals”.

Unique but cross-sectional theme

party approach “Education to Respect Others”, starting with the smallest. Lawrence Percy here compares domestic violence, which will be at the heart of her speech: When there is violence between humans, we often find animal abuse. » If the animal theme is the focus of the programme, Lawrence believes it is an overarching theme. “Animal cause leads to many other problems, finds resonance in education, accountability problems, are related to the environment. As an MP, it will be my job to advocate for all bills related to the animal cause.”

The national program includes other measures such as the abolition of animal shows, such as bullfighting, dolphins, as well as cockfighting … or even regarding the termination of intensive farming and fishing. Lawrence wants to be mean to her “There is no complete ban, these are first and foremost measures to improve practices and change mentalities little by little,” From product to painting.

For fishing, for example, it would be a matter of preference for smaller fishermen and not tuna boats. With regard to animal slaughter, the goal is to implement practices that cause the animals the least amount of suffering possible, which implies regulations and more controls. And then the consumer has arrived, the party envisions creating alternative menus, vegans, certain days in the school canteens.

An open letter from Lawrence Percy

Because animal abuse is often associated with violence within the family and leads to inappropriate social behaviour,

The one animal party that I represent in Fenua tends to impose the animal issue in the political sphere and to put in place real legislation to provide solutions in all areas where a problem arises.

The animal question must be asked as a social question, and the relationship between abuse and human behavior, as well as its impact on our environment, is no longer established.

The animal question refers to the concept of justice and our relationship with others as a whole, human or animal; It questions the rights we give ourselves over this other, and therefore it is of interest to human beings and constitutes an expansion of the field of moral consideration and appropriate behaviour.

I have the honor to present myself in District 1 in the upcoming legislative elections in order to carry the voice of the voiceless into the general debate, I invite you to show your support for them by voting for the Animal Party next June 4th, District 1.

Every vote given to the animal party has no vote ambiguity in order to advance the animal issue.

“We do not have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans. One has a heart or one does not have” Lamartine / Signer of the Slavery Abolition of 1848.

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