Lost over 200 lbs: The Jack Aubin Lesson

Jack Aubin had already weighed over 400 pounds before embarking on a major lifestyle change. That was over 12 years ago, and he’s kept off his weight ever since. navel? Change your life, not just your weight! Interview with a man approaching his sixties with healthy lifestyle habits.


What is your weight history?

I was already 25 years old, I was in the obese category. I was suffering from physical and verbal abuse and suffered from bullying. I covered myself to protect myself, my body became a shell. In 2009, I could no longer weigh myself on a doctor’s scale because the weight limit was 350 pounds; I also suffer from high blood pressure. I decided to go do my weight at a pig slaughterhouse near my house. Shocking, my weight at the time was 415 lbs. Tears were in my eyes and I feared death.

What is the first step in your process?

During a family dinner on October 31, 2009, I informed my loved ones that I had decided to literally change my habits. I realized that I needed help from health professionals. I ate fast and a lot. At the time, I only had one meal a day, dinner, and it was a giant. I worked a lot and didn’t think about myself. I joined motivational groups to lose weight. If this approach didn’t satisfy me at first, I liked it and the results are there.

What did you change in terms of strength?

I followed the programs of Richard Béliveau, a biochemist, who taught me to introduce more fruits and vegetables and eat less processed foods. I have tried many diets (vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic), but the Mediterranean diet works best for me. I learned to chew and eat slowly. In one year, thanks to these changes, she lost 156 pounds without bariatric surgery. So my weight was 261 lbs.

And the place of sport in your life today: is it important?

I started physical activity six months after I started losing weight. At first, I went to the gym at 4:30 in the morning, when there was no one there, I was afraid that I would be judged. I was cycling for 5 minutes and was sweating. Over the weeks, my 5 minutes grew to 10 and then to 15 minutes. In the end, I walked 90 minutes every morning on the treadmill. I was pulling out a little card that I had written on: “I have decided to make a place for myself in my life at my target weight (210 lbs).” It’s time to give myself up. This time, I quit several volunteer careers to make time to move around and take care of myself. I reached my target weight on October 11, 2011.

Have you become addicted to sports to the point of changing jobs?

Yes, I sold my print business and am now dedicated to promoting physical activity. I became a fan of running. In one year, I could participate in 48 races. When I participated in my first Iron Man in Quebec, in June 2012, I weighed 189 pounds. I realized that I had gone from food addiction to physical activity addiction. It was overrated. I left the world of triathlon to switch to trail running. When I run in the mountains, I am connected to the present moment, I separate, I listen to my body, I am in meditation. I love this. I’m getting ready, for my sixtieth birthday, for Ultra HD 160 km which will be held in two years. I started a business (Top Chrono Events) which organizes outdoor marathons and races. I also give a lot of conferences about my business career.

You go from one to three meals a day; What is your most important meal today?

I dine like a king, I dine like a prince and I dine like a beggar! I don’t eat processed foods nor sugar. I bet mainly on vegetables, fruits and good sources of protein. I love good bread and can’t resist a baguette. I also completely stopped drinking alcohol in 2020.

What are your best tips to maintain your weight?

Today, my weight is stable at 195 pounds (slightly less during competitions). Here are my best tips:

  1. Beware of your daily food and active daily life. The body is made for movement, and a lot of people are sedentary.
  2. Choose healthy foods and skip processed foods
  3. When the desire appears, ask yourself the question: Do I really need it? Snacks are often a way to calm anxiety, so it’s important to find an alternative activity that best responds to emotions.
  4. Stop eating or drinking to calm down. Walking in the woods, meditating, spending time listening to your body with full awareness is much more relaxing than eating.
  5. Surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction. Health professionals who encourage you and people who also take a healthy approach.

What would you say to someone who is fat and doesn’t know where to start?

I tell him: Do you love yourself? Start loving yourself to change your life. Take care of yourself, your being as a whole. This is the beginning of this holistic approach.

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