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French writer Amélie Cordonnier portrays a man obsessed with sex … while his wife no longer thinks so.

Together for 23 years, a Parisian couple in their early fifties have completely ceased to have intimate relations. According to the gentleman, who is also the narrator of this colorful novel, it has been going on for some time. Eight months, two weeks and four days, to be exact. Because very affected by the situation, Mr. could not not count accurately all these days without.

As a friend would recall: “Sex is always MMS. First, it is morning noon and evening, then Tuesday Wednesday Saturday, then March May September, and finally My Best Memories. Maybe, yes, but if love is still present in the couple, is there not a way to turn the tide one way or another?

A little, a lot, not at all …

What is enjoyable about this story is the way it is told. With a lot of humor and a good dose of ridicule, the author really manages to perfectly translate what this man will feel when his wife Isabelle leaves the matrimonial bed to sleep in one of the empty rooms of their apartment, or when he realizes that passionate kisses were the first to escape.

Thus we will see how the loss of desire has gradually become part of their daily routine. And since it is not something enviable, everything the narrator will do to try to withdraw from the game. Nice!

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Love debate

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Love debate

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Love debate

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Love debate

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Love debate

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