Lucy, disabled and kicked off the plane at Lyon Airport: ‘I was treated like a dog’

Lucy Carrasco at Lyon Saint Exupery Airport. (© luciecarrasco / Instagram)

Lucy Carrasco has yet to recover from her journey between them Lyon Airport and Turkey.

When she arrived on the plane on May 2, 2022 at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport for a flight to Turkey from Turkish Airlines, Lucy Carrasco found herself faced with unsuitable seats for her handicap.

“I booked two reclining seats for myself and my caregiver,” testifies, 40-year-old Lyonnaise, who now lives in Valence (Drome). “When I sat on the seats, they weren’t there. The company told me the plane was not suitable and was changed that same morning,” her testimonyLyon News After listing his bad experience on Instagram.

“I have a plane to take off, I don’t care”

“It’s not my problem! I have a plane to take off, I don’t care”: These are the words Lucy received from the crew when she tried to explain that she was unable to settle on this type of seat.

It is at this moment that the “shock” begins in the forties and the caregiver who accompanies it. “The Turkish Airlines agent was threatening me, he insulted me saying ‘Someone like me shouldn’t travel, my disability was scary.’”

“This isn’t the first time this has happened to me unfortunately, but not violently and that’s why I won’t let it go! Designer Lucy Carrasco continues:

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Kicked off the plane: ‘I was treated like a dog’

Lucy claims that she was unceremoniously removed from the plane in the eyes of other passengers and the rest of the flight attendants.

According to her, an agent from the airline very violently removed her from the plane. She confirmed that the officer who took her off the plane was very violent and aggressive and was going to hit an obstacle with the chair.

I am still in pain. I can’t sleep at night, it hurts so much. I am already suffering from a disease that is painful enough not to suffer any more

Lucy Carrasco

I got hit Seven days of ITT (complete cessation of work) after consulting a doctorAccording to a medical advisory report Lyon News.

While she was unable to leave Lyon to reach Turkey, she assured us “we waited 9 hours for someone to pick us up, they refused to call us for a taxi with a ramp and we were not even offered a bottle of water. We were left like dogs, treated like a dog and again.” . . ,” laments Lucy Carrasco.

“I want to get the full amount”

The unhappy passenger claims that the airline called her in English. “I have received an email stating that the respective agent will be reprimanded and that I have been compensated for tickets and seats,” she said. But she also wants her hotel and taxis that she already booked in Istanbul, where she was unable to go, to be reimbursed.

Lyon Airport had called on the 1940s to apologize and promised an internal investigation.

Lyon Saint Exupery Airport Response

In response to a question from Akto Leon, the airport administration replied to the passenger:

Lucy Carrasco, a disabled passenger with special needs who was going to Istanbul on the Turkish Airlines flight, said she experienced inconvenience when leaving Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport on Monday, May 2.

The airport deeply regrets the feelings of this passenger, and the quality of service provided to all passengers is a priority for Lyon Airport and all its partners.

The airport spoke with the passenger upon receipt of her contact details. This constructive interview went very well. We are not aware of a complaint that has been filed yet, however, the airport is conducting an investigation with its partners to rebuild Lucy Carrasco’s flight and take actions that may be necessary.

Complaint “Inappropriate Police Station”

Lucy says to Lyon News After he filed a pre-complaint online against Lyon Airport and the airline agent accusing him.

I was not able to drop it off at the police station where I work, which is not wheelchair friendly. An agent will come and collect my complaint from me … ”, as he laments to Lions.

She also wrote to Emmanuel Macron’s chief of staff at the Elysee and hopes to improve the situation for people with disabilities at airports. Lucy Carrasco questioned the president during the 2022 presidential campaign in tray France news.

Turkish Airlines did not wish to communicate about this matter.

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