Choosing the style of the kitchen is a real headache! It is difficult to decide between painted and varnished finishes. Make the right decision with our advice!

You want to renovate your kitchen, but a question bothers you… Which end will you break? Matte or glossy? we present to you All keys to the adoption of appearance Which you will like without regret.

Kitchen: what to choose between a matte or lacquered finish?

Kitchens plating It has many advantages! they are attending Design effect and high-end Blink of an eye. It also allows you to play with it Dimensions of the widget. Indeed, reflections give The illusion that the kitchen is bigger. White varnish, for example, is an ideal choice for Enhance large spaces and increase the size of small rooms. In addition, worktops and painted surfaces are very easy to clean, but watch out for scratches!
However, glossy kitchens are modern but can get too cold easily.

appearance mast It will be appreciated by those who prefer More natural styles like Scandinavian or country chic. This tapestry is perfect for displaying decorative items such as vases and other modern storage boxes.

Kitchen: Can we mix matte and glossy?

Can’t you choose? Why not confuse the finishes? In fact, to prevent your shiny kitchen from getting too cold, and even impersonal, It would be wise to incorporate matte surfaces. The same applies to a completely dull kitchen: the overall look can harm the harmony of the room.
For example, it is possible to add Painted wood in a kitchen made up entirely of matte cabinets. Do you have a fully painted modern kitchen? Adopt the unpolished tiles above your krentza. Woven keys will add Warmth and depth of the room very smooth. Mix textures decorative idea Popular with interior designers !

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