Mattice-Val Côté sports complex still shrouded in mystery

The building, which includes an ice rink and a community hall, has been closed for two years.

Since that time, the municipality says it has been unable to afford operating costs after a significant loss of property tax revenue.

Matisse Val Côté mayor, Marc Dupuis, notes that few people showed interest during the call for bids launched last winter, but that the municipality had not received any offer to purchase the building and land by last week’s deadline.

So we, as a municipal council, have to look at what the future of the sports complex is, and what we are going to do. It is certain that in 2022 the sports complex will not reopen because it is already in the budget. But we will look at what can be done as a plaza project for next yearHe said.

Mayor Dupuis notes that the municipality will likely build a natural skating rink in the sports complex next January.

It will reduce costs a lot. We certainly wouldn’t have the opening rink we wanted, but that would still give us a few months of ice time. It’s one of the things that is being looked at. »

Quote from Marc Dupuis, Mayor of Matisse Val Côte

According to Marc Dupuy, the municipal council should also consider other options.

The Municipal Council of Matisse Val Côte, and in the middle, Mayor Marc Dupuis

Photo: Matisse Val Côte

There may be other projects that will be on the table. We will consider what can be useful for the municipality and taxpayershe is referring to.

A glimmer of hope

However, the lack of purchase offers for the sports complex offers a ray of hope for the citizens of the community.

Chantal Chabot, president of the Matisse Val Côte Minor Hockey Association, notes that her organization would like to study ways to preserve the building with the municipality.

I don’t know what we are going to do, but I hope we can find solutions in the very near future. »

Quote from Chantal Chabot, President of the Hockey League Matisse Val Cotet Junior

With the sports complex closed over the past two years, Ms Chabot notes that the association has had to rent ice time at Hearst Square to allow young people to practice their sport.

But she points out that a distance of about thirty kilometers led to a decrease in the number of registrants, especially among the younger ones.

It’s not really interesting for a parent to enroll their kids in a new sport when you have to travel a lotMrs. Chabot says.

There are a lot of new families in Matisse, so we definitely hope to reopen the arena to give all these young children a chance to learn to skate, and to learn to play hockey.she adds.

Ms. Chabot points out that natural ice could be a possible solution.

Maybe we can start our season at Hearst and then move on to Matisse. it is being done. Just the fact that you will be able to play with us, it will be really fun for the guys. There may be ice skating can start again. Only until public skatingindicates.

Chantal Chabot hopes that young hockey representatives will be invited by the municipality to be part of a working group on the future of the sports complex.

She feels that other people can join this group.

Trade fair

The fact that the building has not been sold is also a treat for another resident, Milla Lemay, who plans to hold a trade fair there next month.

The city council recently approved his request for the fair.

Ms. Lemay says she is committed to maintaining the sports complex and community hall.

If I can do little things to help try to preserve our yard, get people to come and see it, that was the idea behind choosing the yard for my event. »

Quote from Mila LeMay, resident of Matisse-Val-Côté

Ms. Lemay points out that the costs of participating vendors will go to the municipality to help support the sports complex.

If the event goes well, it’s something I’d like to repeat to give them a little continual income, even if that means doing it every few months or two or three times a year. He will make a little more incomeas you say.

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