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I can count on my memories, and I don’t remember seeing a guy dominate a rink like Conor McDavid is currently doing for the Edmonton Oilers.

It’s amazing what he accomplished. In every presence of him, something happens, and often you have to see the cover to fully understand the magic trick he just did.

We knew he was the best player in the National League, but now he’s on a mission and he’s taken it to the next level. He’s playing the best hockey game of his career and that’s more than I’ve seen from Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin.

Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky have also dominated hockey, but our national sport has grown so fast that I didn’t think any player could still outperform others by such a margin.

McDavid always seems to have extra speed in reserve and even when standing still he can explode in a split second and instantly create distance with his cover.

Moreover, there is no way to unbalance it. We can get it under control, it’s so strong that it resists and we can’t take the disc from it.

Every night he puts on a show, and if we know the value of his right arm in recent years, Leon Drysittel, we have to salute the general manager’s controversial decision to acquire Evander Kane, who signed his second round of playoffs on Sunday.

Well, the series hasn’t been won against Flames yet, but don’t think Kane Holland took possession of Kane without speaking to McDavid. I’m sure McDavid made sure Kane maintained a good standing, and Kane, who no one wants him anymore, proves that he’s still worth his weight in gold.

great leader

MacDavid is not alone, but he exercises his leadership like a great captain and carries his team on his shoulders. Their team refuses to lose and despite losing 9-6 in the first game, they managed to overcome a four-goal deficit (5-1) to create a 6-6 draw.

The increase has shaken the confidence of Calgary and that of goalkeeper Jacob Markstrom, who nevertheless reached the final of the Visina Cup.

It runs so fast in front of the Flames network that Markström cheats and often finds himself out of position or not facing the disc completely. It looks small to a giant.

His counterpart Mike Smith wasn’t perfect, but in the end, the 40-year-old Oilers goalkeeper was outdone, not to mention boosting his attack with his clear passes.

Don’t panic

Markstrom will have to find his means quickly, and his coach Daryl Sutter will have to help him out. The Flames used to win close matches 2-1, but against McDavid and the Oilers, it wouldn’t work. They will have to stir up the offense as in the first match and avoid having to defend as much as possible with a more dynamic control.

Having said that, I don’t get the impression we’re panicking in the flame camp. Tonight’s victory and the series are tied for 2 to 2. If that were the case, I would have been more confident in Markström than Smith for the future, but there is McDavid who can make all the difference.

I hope the Oilers win for one reason. I want to see MacDavid over and over again. What an out of Edmonton and ice hockey!

– Interview by Jill Moffett


real heroes


As you read this, the Panthers are either out or late 3-1 against Lightning and Andrei Vasilevsky. If they win last night in Tampa, the chances of qualifying for the third round remain slim. This is where we see the difference between the team that wins and the one that learns to win. The Lightning were swept 4-0 by the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2019 before winning back-to-back Stanley Cups, and who knows, maybe a third. It always takes a spark to reach a distance. Overcoming the foliage was a challenge, but winning the Battle of Florida was also a huge motivation.

Shesterkin-Ranta duel


Unsurprisingly, the streak between the two teams that conceded the fewest goals in the regular season is less exciting than the others. The good news for Rangers is that goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin, the favorite to win the Vezina Cup, has finally arrived at his talent. For his part, hurricane janitor You are Ranta Knows the series Thunder. I have the impression that whoever is mentally stronger will give victory to his team.

A hit for the blues


St. Louis Blues is difficult, but losing the goalkeeper Jordan Bennington may harm them. His partner, Phil Hoso, has a second chance to prove he can do the job in qualifying, but against an avalanche, it won’t be easy. The Colorado team also lost a large part of Samuel Gerrard, but Bennington’s injury will hurt the Blues even more.

Primo takes his chance


Kayden Primo He makes a very good interlude with Laval Rocket, and I’m happy with that. He has things to prove and if he continues like this, doors will open for him, whether in Montreal or elsewhere.

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