Medieval and Occupation, Electric Range, Humor and Sports: Here are Five Loiret Weekend Picnic Ideas

For you our choice of Five picnic ideas—among other things—to take this weekend.

Journey to the time of June…

Of course, this weekend will be marked by the Johannine holidays, which will return in their traditional form this year. Among the highlights Sound and Light at the Cathedral, Friday, May 6, 10:40 p.m.right after the sign is presented (at 10 p.m.).

There is also, of course, medieval market, a place for a fun family meeting and food tasting, in the very beautiful Campo Santo. Shops of all kinds, shows, children’s toys, animals, restaurants … there will be something for everyone! Find our slideshow here, just for your taste.

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What awaits you at the medieval market Campo Santo, which opens on Thursday 5 May as part of the Joan of Arc Festival in Orleans

and also, Great procession, in honor of the Maid, to be held on Sunday, May 8, at 3:20 p.m., from Place Sainte-Croix. One of the speeches will be delivered by the guest of honor, the Ukrainian director Masha Kondakova.

Military tribute will be paid at 2:50 pm.

Full program of festivities here.

Seasonal plants for sale on Saturday at La Ferté-Saint-Aubin

electric kit

Always within the framework of John’s festivals, but far from the medieval musical style, Big sound striped in front yard stage with electric set To be held from 11 pm on Saturday.

The address will be Oliver Heldens. It is the eighth in the world ranking of DJs. This is the first time that Orléans has such a prestigious title. Tony Romera will also attend. This group is open to all and free.

Prestigious DJ, new show … What you need to know about Fêtes de Jeanne d’Arc, Edition 2022 in Orleans

We release steam outdoors!

Beginning Saturday, May 7, the City of Olivet offers courses outdoors, in parks and in the Donjon area. In the program: yoga, pilates, soft gym and urban training. These courses are free and without reservation.

Exhibition about the occupation

The exhibition “Everyday Life Under Occupation”, produced by the association Son et lumière de Cléry, is presented at the Chaingy Village Hall, until 11 May. come to prolong its great width in resistance, Freedom – Shadow Fighters. Various sections allow visitors to immerse themselves in the lives of French men and women between 1939 and 1945.

Bathe in urban art: The Loire Art Show returns to Orleans and settles in the pool!

Tux on stage in Bowens

The former comedian and TV presenter will be on stage in the Boynes, this Saturday, May 7, at 8:30 p.m., in Pole, rue de la Petite-Tombelle. His presentation is called tex resists.
Price: 18.50 euros. Reservations:

Discover the Vélotour route map in Orleans and quickly register to pay less

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