Medieval fighting, a true sport of FC Bejord de Caen

Beyhord, a medieval combat sport, is practiced in Caen. © La Baronerie

About twenty people meet in a room near Demoville was (Calvados), To practice Medieval fightcall Make. they are members Caen club teamAnd barony. They train twice a week for this still secret sport that is practiced in many countries around the world.

The team will present several joyful performances on Saturday 7 May 2022 for the Millennium Saint-Contest between 10am and 12:30pm and in downtown Caen for the Spring Festival between 3pm and 4pm.

Sports still secret

Jervin Thomas is the club’s president. It seemed to him that a follower of martial arts such as judo or boxing and an enthusiast of historical reconstruction, was a good compromise between the two. “Beauhord arrived in France in the first decade of the twenty-first century. I heard about him and saw the existence of a French union.” In 2018, the first regional dynamic around the sport began between Caen, Rouen and Mortagne-au-Perche. Then the Caen Club became autonomous in 2020.

The regime has not yet spoken to the general public. For years, we’ve had a bad image, often associated with far-right groups, and I don’t know why. But it is a process of democratization. In 2019, the TV channels came to follow the Coupe de France de Béhourd and we started talking about it.


The French Federation Beyhord had 31 clubs in the country in 2020. This medieval sport is also played in Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and England.

how do you play?

Bhord is a combat sport played as a team. Two groups of people wearing armour, head to toe, facing each other. The goal is to put opponents on the ground. It can be played 3 against 3, 5 against 5 or even 150 against 150. All fighters are rushed to the rolls at the same time (Battlefield, Editor’s note). Once a person touches the ground, they are eliminated but remain on the ground in the ring.”

“Not a great grumble sport”

When Gervin introduced his sport, he made it a point of honor to explain “it’s not a sport for the big joys.” “There is a real technical and tactical dimension.” Technical because you must first learn to support steel or titanium armor that weighs between 20 and 30 kilograms.

The authenticity of the armor is historically validated by a commission. They represent the fifteenth century in Europe.

Caen de Béhourd Team: Baronnerie.
Caen de Béhourd Team: Baronnerie. © La Baronerie

In order for the body to support those extra pounds, fighters insist on muscle and cardio training. “To put opponents on the ground, we use martial arts techniques.” As for weapons, the fighters use the Falchon. “It’s kind of a very large, heavy knife made for striking, not piercing.”

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With this weapon, they can try to break a piece of the opponent’s armor, “in this case the battle is over for the opponent,” or simply confuse the enemy to put him on the ground. Each team member has a specific job, given their size.

In this sport, there is no will to harm another. At the end of the fight, players are exhausted and each gives advice on how to improve. In terms of injuries, we often suffer from sprains or sprains. Fractures are much rarer.

gervin thomas

Recruitment all year round

Today, the Caen club trains in a hall loaned by IME in Demoville. But the club is in contact with the city of Caen to try to find places and places to train in the city. We hire all year round and besides that, we are short on people. In the first year, freshmen train without armor to learn basic techniques and tactics. The Caen Club would also like to open a children’s division: Soft Sword. Sport like knights with foam weapons and armor.

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