Metropolis overtaken by sports hazards

Girondins de Bordeaux in Ligue 2? It is mathematically avoidable, and it is mathematically inevitable. There is only one match left in Brest, on Saturday 21 May, before the end of the French football championship in which the club is last. Even Bordeaux Metropole took note of the possibility of landing on Friday morning in the Metropolitan Council. “It’s not yet time to cry, it’s time to worry!“, commanded Alain Anziani. The (PS) president of Bordeaux testified to his concern and grief over the club that”It is part of our heritageMeanwhile, Nicolas Florian, former mayor (LR) of Bordeaux and member of the capital’s council, recalled the good memories of Girondin’s European epics, and past emblems of the sporting glory and financial success of the club. But there is an hour of prayer and an hour of reckoning.

What future for Matmut Atlantique if Girondins de Bordeaux go down in Ligue 2?

The second will come when the pedigree is officially registered. Indeed, observers of this frustrating multi-year relationship, between a club victim of a disastrous administration and a city exposed to financial peril, know that the worst is yet to come. Before the league resumes next season, the FCGB (Girondán de Bordeaux Football Club) will have to submit its accounts to four other anagrams, but even more awesome: DNCG (National Administration Control Department). If the Bordeaux file is ratified by the authority, the club will be able to continue to develop in its championship. Otherwise, he could frankly fall into level 3, the fifth and final level of French men’s professional football.

The Girondins de Bordeaux, already financially heavy, are on the cusp of Ligue 2

This descent into the abyss may be accompanied by an end result this time: the financial liquidation of the club. “We haven’t gotten there yet“However, Alain Anziani softened, right after raising this possibility. The day before, he said he had spoken on the phone with Gerard Lopez, president and owner of the FCGB. As he had already advanced, the Spanish investor Luxembourg had promised to stay even in the event of a demotion. What Which should be avoided for the worst financially?The entrepreneur is already able to offer certain guarantees, which other candidates for the acquisition in the summer of 2021 cannot.

“Ten million euros, we can afford it”

But Ligue 2 means a drop in revenue for sloping clubs and the effect will be more pronounced among the Girondins, where Gérard Lopez is already losing money with an estimated deficit of 30-40 million euros. A situation that could lead the FCGB to renegotiate the annual rent of 4.7 million euros it pays to the city in return for occupying the stadium. This is where the mayor of the city speaks of a double-speak. “No partnership contract [entre la métropole, SBA l’exploitant du stade et le FCGB, ndlr] The agreement signed with the club does not provide for relegation to Ligue 2. The agreement will apply and there will be no fee reduction“, he assured the capital’s elected officials. Before announcing to La Tribune that in the event of departure from the SBA or difficulties facing the Girondins,”Ten million euros a year, we can afford itThis is the amount already at stake for the urban taxpayers who were already asked last year to cut the Girondins’ rent by 1.4 million euros due to Covid.

Bordeaux Metropole: Alain Anziani gets the FCGB discount voted thanks to the opponent

Under the contract in force around the operation of the stadium, the remaining 2.6 million euros per year are borne by the community. If, as hinted a few months ago, the SBA withdrew, and Girondins were to be liquidated – a very hypothetical situation – the amount could rise to around €10m. Alain Anziani wants to be reassured about the future of the SBA. “It is true that they lose money every year but they know that big events are coming‘, advances to La Tribune, justifying the stadium operator’s potential future revenue, particularly with the semi-finals of the Top 14 in 2025.

While awaiting these festivities, Bordeaux Metropole is interested in making pledges to its partners, in a contract in which, for the time being, a privileged position, even if a previously unforeseen sporting danger can break that fortune.

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