Miami Grand Prix: Like the F1 Super Bowl

Miami | All that was missing was Formula 1 in Miami to complete the circuit and add more luster To this trendy city in South Florida.

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You can name all the main disciplines of professional sports in the United States: Miami is proudly represented. Whether it’s baseball (Marlins), football (Dolphins), basketball (Heat), hockey (The Panthers) or even football (Inter Miami).

But the arrival of the Grand Circus in Formula One is icing on the cake. For this first edition of the Miami Grand Prix, which is completely sold out today, we can say that the mission is accomplished.

F1 Super Bowl

Especially since the race attracted many celebrities from different fields of activity over the weekend.

Moreover, some of them are of the opinion that in a few years, this event will reach the level of the Super Bowl, this annual high mass of American football.

The stands and hotels in the upscale South Beach neighborhood rattled to the rhythm of the Grand Prix, while watered-down social evenings followed one another.
With a contract valid until 2031, the Miami Grand Prix is ​​not only invited to make F1 better known in the US, but it will surely attract other major sponsors, who see it as a distinctive showcase to showcase their products.

“We’re seeing unbelievable excitement,” American Formula 1 team CEO Zak Brown said this week. Seats and tickets are running out to meet demand. This is unheard of. »

Parking for customers

His team monopolized the parking lot at a shopping center set up near Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins NFL team and the site of the Grand Prix race, to accommodate his wealthy clients who, before going to attend the race, were able to park their cars. The car is near the circle.

Brown continued, “Our guest list, limited to 1,000 people, has been completed in record time. We hope to be able to increase our capacity next year, because we are already full.”

“Nearly half of our partners whose writing is featured on our single seat, to add the McLaren Chairman, are US-based companies. The presentation of the Miami Grand Prix will undoubtedly encourage other US companies to follow suit in the years to come. It is a business opportunity Great for our organization and for F1.”

Liberty Media celebrates

F1 owner, American company Liberty Media has given itself the prime task of penetrating the US market in an important way over the next few years.

After Miami and Austin (in Texas), it will be Las Vegas’ turn for its place on the calendar next year. And indeed, it is insane to believe the owners of some of the most prestigious establishments established in the gambling capital.

Such is the case of Wynn and Caesars Palace hotels, to name a few, which indicated that bookings jumped just hours after F1’s arrival in 2023 was confirmed.

A Nevada city spokesperson estimated that about 170,000 tourists will travel to Las Vegas first and foremost to watch the Grand Prix there.

But these people will spend their money in restaurants and casinos too, while preparing themselves for attending shows.

The temporary circuit track in particular will take the famous Main Street, section As it is called, the event will be contested in the evening.

And so, for the first time in 40 years, F1 will make three stops at our southern neighbours. Who would have thought, one day, that F1 could no longer do without the US?

Beckham James

What do you do when you organize a F1 Grand Prix at 20 kilometers from the ocean and at any cost you want to have yachts close to the track? We are building an artificial berth. At least that’s the idea that came to our minds Tom Garfinkel, associate director of the Miami GP, when he and his team set their sights on the perimeter of Hard Rock Race Course. So ten yachts were installed in the dry dock near the fourth and sixth turns, on a paint surface of more than 2,300 square meters painted in the colors of the sea. The Mia Marina had not the sole purpose of creating the illusion of a contested race near water, like the Monaco event. The boats were also used to accommodate spectators who paid at least $12,000 during today’s competition. The place also included restaurants and bars, plus of course a fake beach too.

Beckham James

The Cash App Party, held at the Faena Hotel, wasn’t the only party Eugenie Bouchard has attended over the past few days in Miami. The Quebec tennis player, who resumed training after surgery, doubled the posts on her social networks.

Beckham James

Former United States First Lady Michelle Obama attended the third free practice session from the Mercedes garage on Saturday.

Beckham James

AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly and NBA legend Michael Jordan had dinner together earlier this week. “An unforgettable dinner,” the Frenchman said on social networks.

Beckham James

Serena Williams is seen in the fields with singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams.

Beckham James

Three-time Olympic medalist in free skating Eileen Joe visited the Red Bull team’s fold ahead of Saturday’s playoffs. Gu is one of the many athletes sponsored by the energy drink company.

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