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Minette is a ginger and white cat whose little muzzle appears to be dipped in cream caramel. Did you say caramel? Hmmm! Minette loves sweets, tuna, sweets… in short! Anything that makes you fat!

Result: Minette must go on a diet, because she weighs 7 kilograms and has difficulty moving. It was adopted into the SPA, five years ago, and was really well covered. With back pain and probably a bad treatment on the street. Because apparently Minette has been abandoned…

Painful crises

For five years, it was just a series of painful crises, “reinforced” with anti-inflammatories, cortisone and other toxins. And then, a vet from La Cleite stopped it all, and tried herbal medicine, acupuncture, and orthopedics.

These treatments were effective for some time, but the crises were more and more frequent. So much so that at the last visit, the professional admitted that she could no longer perform orthopedic sessions, because she could not get close to Minette, who was in so much pain that she had become aggressive.

The vet is patient, involved in her work and is always looking for the best solution for Minette, who is a bit like a practice mascot. Because it rarely happens two weeks between two crises.

In addition, Minette suffers from “stress cystitis”, because two neighboring cats entered her area and could not stand it. 24 hours a day lookout, to watch whether the enemy is not in place. She sleeps with one eye open and even jumps when a fly passes by!

Mademoiselle Minette is pressured to death, and thus she cherishes herself… greedily!

On top of that, she has several cases of pancreatitis to her credit and the diagnosis scares and worries me… As a result, I’m also nervous and the imitation mechanism “crushes” both of us! Yes, the animal and its master can be so “repentant” that the animal “takes” the pain of the other.

The vet reported that I had a major problem with the knee and right side and that…Minette limp on her right hind leg! Phua ? Minute too! Minette also had sciatica on the right side for some time. Who does not give up during orthopedic sessions.

I’m in low spirits when Minette’s vet told me, “I know someone who just moved in, because it does vital resonance for people, but also animals.” Adding, “We can try, not risking anything…”.

Of course we will try! So I make an appointment with Beatrice Marchandio, whose office is at 20 Danton Street in Gionon. Minette will have her session the following Wednesday. I’m a little worried, because I don’t know about this alternative medicine…

During a date, I find a friendly, smiling, and kind person who says hi to Minnie and talks to her sweetly. I put the transfer cage (with Minette inside) on a stent that contains the electrodes and it explains the bioresonance to me.

What is bioresonance?

Bio-resonance (or wave therapy) consists of recording and modulating electromagnetic waves emitted by the body with a specific device. These represent a spectrum typical of each person, made up of harmonious (healthy) and contrasting (sick) parts.”

He added: “The signals emitted by the body are captured by electrodes, and then transmitted to a device, where they are modified and returned to the body, by other electrodes. This process eliminates unhealthy waves and activates the body’s ability to self-heal.”

In fact, this method is part of the operations of quantum medicine, which is based on computer analysis of the body’s energy flows. A technology that makes it possible to measure the physiological state of an individual in a very accurate way, an organ and an organ by a system.

Basically, bioresonance involves analyzing the biological frequencies of the human body and returning them to balance. Thanks to the high-performance machine, which does almost all the work.

What does bioresonance treat?

Bioresonance can act on various diseases: weight control, allergies and intolerances, respiratory problems, joint pain and inflammation, fatigue or reduced ability to work, stress and depression. But also, sleep disorders, smoking and addiction treatment, digestive disorders, dental problems, gynecological disorders, etc.

Minette’s Energy Balance

Beatrice starts the session with Minette, who is a bit worried. Her body is “scanned” by the device and the information is passed on to the energy specialist. As the session progressed, Beatrice said to me, “Minnie yawns, and that’s a good sign!” Indeed, the kitten yawns enough to drop its jaw! Then, very slowly, while the machine is running, Minette relaxes, stretches her entire length, crosses her legs and… falls asleep!

“Ah, there, that tickles her a bit….” In fact, Minette sits up, turning on herself, only to end up falling asleep again. calm…


The measurements are recorded by software that assesses each member’s energy emissions intensity and calculates their potential state. The results are translated on the screen in the form of synthetic representations. “Usually, the energies rotate clockwise,” Beatrice told me. However, Minette’s is turned upside down!

The machine does its job of rebalancing… and getting the energies back on the right track.

Beatrice tests many points: the liver, pancreas, spine, cervix, but also possible food allergies, stomach acidity … It also works on vitality because Minette is a little soft when you’re in pain and doesn’t move.

unbelievable ! But true!

In the end, Minette is calm, calm and serene. On the way back, you sleep during the 20-minute flight. We arrived and were released into the yard. There, I see her running and rushing down the outside stairs to have fun in the garden!! Something you haven’t done in a long time because of the stairs.

Weird, but I’m so glad I let her live her life… She’ll be back for a good while later, and it’s all fun. unbelievable ! But I don’t get carried away, as this energy boost may not last. I had so many dashed hopes…

In the evening, I test the degree of pain: usually, there is no way to approach the hand on the side of the sciatica. No problem, no reaction…re-incredible!

Catch ! Minette did not eat much in the following days, which is also unusual. It is good for diet, if Mrs. Marchandio can regulate her appetite.

I am amazed when two cats next to each other appear at the same time the day after the session. Ola, I said to myself, Minute will steal their feathers, spit and blow her tail to impress them… Take out the water pistol you bought to scare them. But I didn’t use it!

Alarmingly, I see that Minette is still calm, looks at them and approaches them, sniffs them and… turns her back on them! Incredible re!

IC card, supplementary to the course

At the end of the session, Mrs. Marchandio gave me the magnetic card in which the program in which I applied to Minette was recorded. “If you see that she is still in some pain, put this card under her blanket and give her half a day. If she leaves, it means that she does not need the energies.

Once the card is under the Minette, I see her relaxed, gently wiggling her toes and falling asleep… I give it to her a few times, just for the pleasure of seeing her rest… This card, the size of a credit card, will be active for 3 weeks, until the next session . If necessary…

Visit the stunned vet

A few days after the bio-resonance session, we and the vet decided to combine orthopedic and bio-resonance. She can’t get over it: “Here, the energies spread so well that I was able to get rid of sciatica easily.” She allows herself to get done willingly and sleeps all the way back…

What a relief to see Minette better in her body. And the icing on the cake: she gets cuddly and lets herself be pampered without a nag!

So of course, we have to see for the long haul, but in the meantime, it’s pure happiness…

On this note, I prepare myself for a bioresonance test for you, dear readers. Because if it works with Minette, why wouldn’t it work for me? And rest assured, Mrs. Marchandio does not put us in a cage, but in a comfortable armchair …

The date is set…I can’t wait.


Béatrice Marchandeau, Bell’Aroma, 20 Danton Street in Gueugnon.

Tel: 06 47 37 30 79 or bellaromasas @ orange

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