Montreal Alliance | Three goals for the training camp

At the dawn of the Montreal Alliance’s first training camp, which begins on Monday, head coach, Vincent Lavander, reveals the path he wants to take. He wants to create a team game system, while building a long-term program.

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William Tyrault

William Tyrault

During an interview with JournalismA few days after arriving in the capital, the French-born coach said he had set three goals for the Canadian Elite Basketball League (LECB) training camp, which only lasts for a few days.

He explains: “We will first assess the players physically, and put them in the appropriate athletic level. Second, is to create a mental and psychological chemistry between the players, so that they can coexist well. I want to assess their ability to be in a group. And thirdly, to play basketball, and to prepare my game program collective.

“I interviewed all the players, continues the coach. I felt that they were able and ready to be in a collective idea of ​​their sport and the alliance, a name that represents my program well.”

Those currently playing in Europe, Greek midfielder Gaios Skordilis and England winger Ashley Hamilton, will arrive during camp and early June respectively, ending their season there.

During the camp, Vincent Lavander will combine group training with individual sessions, which will be customized according to the players’ needs. He also intends to insist on a “man to man” defense.

There is no preset holder

In terms of alignment, the 50-year-old Frenchman works in an atypical fashion. In his head, “There is never a pregnant woman.” The five players who start the game are strategically determined in relation to the opponent.

“This does not mean that there will be no leaders,” he says. We’re ahead at the end of the game, so the five decisive players are something else. »

Everyone will earn their playing time during training, not based on their stats. Some players don’t have great stats. However, its impact is more than significant.

Vincent Lavander, Technical Director of the Montreal Alliance

To measure an athlete’s influence in aspects of the game that aren’t usually measured by statistics per se, a European coach has a solution. His deputy Jordan Faligant will be responsible for collecting defensive data on team members.

“We measure everything that happens in defense: defense on screens, singles, movements, says Vincent Lavander. Only my staff will have access to it, and it will allow us to adapt.”

shared vision

A few days ago, General Manager Joel Anthony told Journalism Having found “a very good mix of young and experienced players”. His coach shares that vision.

“Our particularity is that many development actors will be active, assures Vincent Lavander. We have blended our team with development and experience. I have always done that in my career, and Joel sees that as important.

He smiles, “That’s why I’m the Alliance coach.” I find it important to give young people the opportunity to compete against experienced players in order to grow up. »

Photo from the Twitter account @RUSSELLHOOPS

Ashley Hamilton

LECB allows a total of 16 players: 10 active players, 4 inactive players, and 2 practice players. Since Friday morning, following the announcement of the recruitment of the last four missing athletes, the coalition now meets that standard.

Emphasizing that there will be surprises, Vincent Lavander has already discovered players he sees as leaders. According to him, Montreal residents Kimi Os and Hernst Laroche, as well as Europeans, are part of the lot.

I’m calm, I’m not nervous. Because I have experience, I’m calm. I will do everything in my power to ensure that the players are calm as well.

Vincent Lavander, Technical Director of the Montreal Alliance

After playing a show game on May 21, the Alliance will begin a baptism of fire against the Honey Badgers in Hamilton on May 25. The first game is scheduled to take place at Verdun Hall on May 29, where Montreal will host the Scarborough Shooting Stars.

“We have many Montreal residents. Playing in your city comes with a lot of expectations and excitement. He concludes that my goal is to protect the group from this excitement. You have to rely on the experienced players in your city. I am very calm, but I can’t wait to get started, like any another person. ”

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  • 2019
    Founded in 2019, the Canadian Basketball Elite League (CBLE) will host its fourth season this year. A total of 100 matches will be played this summer.

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