Montreal Alouettes | Anthony Calvilo says pressing is ‘part of the job’ for the midfielder

Vernon Adams Jr. will face extra pressure this season. Knowing that he could lose his starting spot at any time to Trevor Harris. But “that’s part of the job,” Aloette quarterback coach Anthony Calvilo recalls.

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Catherine Harvey Benard

Catherine Harvey Benard

met calvillo Journalism As part of the Walk-a-Thon for Power Sports organized by the Montreal Community Heart Foundation, on Saturday. He agreed to answer a few football questions, including the looming fight between Adams Jr. and Harris at quarterback ahead of training camp, which begins May 15.

In theory, Adams Jr. is the future Alwette quarterback. He has the talent to lead the Montreal squad to the top. But he had an ups and downs in 2021. A shoulder injury sidelined him in the final phase of the season as well as the playoff in Hamilton.

Harris was acquired from Edmonton Elks in October, and came in relief. In four games, the Canadian Football League veteran of over ten years threw eight touchdowns and two interceptions. During the sabbatical, the Birds extended Adams Jr’s contract by two years, before offering Harris a new one-year contract a few months later.

Everyone knows Vernon is the starting midfielder. It was established and he understands that, but at the same time any organization needs to make sure all players are ready to play. It’s always been this way, ever since I’ve played myself.

Anthony Calvillo

If anyone knows what it is, it’s Calphilo.

“If we look at my career… the Alouettes had to sign 50 quarterbacks, he summarized. They want to have someone ready to perform and replace their key midfielder, just in case he doesn’t play to his full potential or gets injured.”

Calvillo remembers signing the LS, among others, on Jesse Palmer. At the time, “the media reported that the team had found my replacement and that he was the new guy with confidence,” he recalls.


Vernon Adams

“I, I said to myself: I know the organization will make sure they are prepared, but no one will steal my job. They will have to earn it. So I made sure I was ready every week and every year, no matter who they brought into the organization. It was my philosophy, my way of thinking. Because This is how it works.”

The former number 13 at Als remembers that the onus is on players to deliver to their fullest potential.

“We’ll see what happens next,” he said. But at the moment we have a great group of midfielders and I can’t wait to see them on the pitch and see them play constantly. »

contain your emotions

Vernon Adams Jr. is known for his leadership qualities. But his affection is no longer hidden from anyone. It occurred to him, last season, that he let his emotions take over. He sometimes reacted poorly to adversity. But he is close to the organization.

All midfielders are very emotional. We live in a different era especially with social media. People from all over the world can criticize you. It is difficult sometimes. Me, I tried not to read the newspapers when I was playing, but I did sometimes because I was just curious. And when I did, it sometimes pissed me off. Now everything is accessible all the time.

Anthony Calvillo

Ultimately, it is important that you deal with these criticisms. Calvillo remembers having already answered a few questions online, to set the record straight.

“It didn’t happen very often, but it did,” he admits. It’s a game full of feelings, but at the same time, you have to be able to be mature enough to put it aside. There will be times when you lose control, it’s part of the job. »


The Alouettes coaching staff has been back in the office since Monday to prepare for the team’s training camp, which will take place from May 15 to June 2 at the Diablos Stadium in Trois-Rivieres. For Calvilo, this will be his first camp with the Montreal team since 2017.

“I want to help Khar [Jones, l’entraîneur-chef] As much as possible,” he replied when asked about his expectations for the season. “He has a lot on his plate and I want to make sure he feels good enough to ask me to help him with something. But this comes with time. »

“The most important thing is to make sure our players are ready to play,” he added.

useful program

The Alouettes have announced in the past few days that they have invited, as part of the Canadian quarterback training program, Jonathan Sincal, Clerk of the University of Montreal Carabines to participate in their training camp. “When I was playing, I felt like the only time Canadian quarterbacks had a chance to watch the competition was when they had finished their college sport, explains Anthony Calvilo. Suddenly, they’d show up at camp and say, ‘Oh my God, I have to compete with all these guys.’” It was a little scary, in my opinion. Now they’re bringing in those quarterbacks earlier so they can get a taste of what to expect next. And I think that’s huge.”

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