Montreal in the colors of Brazil

With its colorful and extravagant Rio Carnival, its promised cities that will dance until the late hours, Brazil will tremble until the 21st of August in the rhythm of the Olympic Games. Since not everyone will have the opportunity to go there, discover Brazil through some good Montreal addresses.

The family and pleasant, Brazilian cuisine is generous and always offers good portions. Various influences have given delicious dishes where we find feijoa (guava), black beans and especially meat as desired!

Sofër Br

An ideal place to enjoy dishes from the north of Brazil like Feijoada, a typical stew with black beans and pork, Acajou Br is also worth a visit to drink a kaipirinha, Brazil par excellence cocktail, which is prepared with cachaça, kallam. sugar and lime.

  • 5121 St. Laurent Blvd.

Rodizio Brazil

The popular concept in Brazil, Rodizio, is a all-you-can-eat menu service, which is shipped to Montreal. This Old Montreal restaurant will allow you to enjoy more than 10 types of meat served directly on your plate.

Sweet teeth will delight when tasting Brazilian sweets and pastries.


Gabrielle Casara-Pellin, owner of Padoca, which means pastry in Brazilian Portuguese, has given herself the mandate to introduce her country of origin through sweets. The store offers a variety of typical Brazilian desserts, including carrot cake and cheese and coconut cake. She also prepares Quindim, a flan with egg yolks and coconut.

Workshop of Gabriela Passos Sweets

Brigadeiros, a chocolate dessert traditionally eaten at children’s holidays, will attract you. Made up of a Brazilian recipe, brigadeiros are available at Gabriela in different flavors and she offers them to order. If you want to learn how to do it, it also offers seminars.

Impressed by the Rio Carnival Samba dancers, it’s time to discover the different styles of Brazilian dance.

Jumping Forro in the park

If you have never heard of Forro, this dancing couple from northern Brazil, it’s time to start. Every Tuesday at 18:30, Espace Samba dancers meet you at Espace La Fontaine in the park of the same name for a free introductory lesson, followed by a dance party. And if you’re in the mood, a forro festival will take place in Montreal from October 7th to 9th!

  • 3393 Parc-la-Fontaine Avenue

Dancers’ Fridays

The park of Little Italy vibrates every Friday to the rhythm … of Brazil! Samba, Forro and Brazilian Zouk, all dance styles are honored during these dance events offered by Studio danse Montréal.

  • The intersection of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Saint-Zotique Street

Domingueira da Maloca

Marcos De Oliveira from Gafeira de Montréal is inspired by malocat, home where artists from all walks of life meet, to unite Brazilian dance lovers. Amateurs and professionals meet every Sunday in this loft on the Boulevard Saint-Laurent to perfect a few dance steps, but above all to have fun. Classes are also offered during the week.

  • 3658 St. Laurent Blvd.

If after discovering the place, you want to start preparing some dishes? It is possible to certify Brazilian products in Montreal.

Soares Grocery

Brazilians who are bored of their native land say, the Soares grocery store is the place to find home-made products, such as pao de quejo (cheese bread) or Guarana, a popular refreshing drink in Brazil. The small family grocery store, run by Soares, a Portuguese family, ensures to always have products from Brazil.

Watching the Olympics will undoubtedly make you want to travel to Brazil. There are several Brazilian Portuguese courses. Just as the French of Quebec have their own details compared to that of France, the Portuguese of Brazil differs from that of Portugal and has its own linguistic variants.


YMCA is offering a new class in the evening to learn how to switch to Brazilian Portuguese. The program also provides an overview of the geography of the country and places to visit.

University of Quebec in Montreal

UQÀM offers Brazilian Portuguese courses that allow you to get acquainted with the culture of this country. Lessons take place during the school year, so sign up early!

Brazilian television

Find out more about the Portuguese-speaking community of Montreal and Canada with Cidade Brasil. This talk show airs Wednesday at 7pm and presents activities, events and all the Brazilian news through reports and interviews.

In Brazil, Brazilian telenovelas are a daily occurrence as important as watching the news or a football match.

Dramatic and intriguing, these soap operas are still a real social phenomenon today. Continuing to watch soap operas that marked the 60s and 70s, one can think of the capital Pecado, the first color soap opera in Brazil.

It is possible to find some on YouTube channel or Videotron and Bell offer Portuguese channels personalized with your subscription.

Now considered a national sport in Brazil, Capoeira is a martial art that combined wrestling, music and dance, which was once used as a means of protection from slaves. Capoeira is transported to Montreal, where it is possible to learn.

Aboe Capoeira Montreal

The Abada Capoeira group opens its doors at any time to curious people who want to discover this martial art. It is also possible to register at any time for introductory courses.


For those who want to have a glimpse of Brazil’s National Day, Le Bloco (which in Brazil means street percussionists) is a Montreal band that brought the atmosphere of the famous Rio Carnival to the metropolis. Percussion workshops are available for those who want to join the band or just learn to play a new instrument.

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