Montreal prepares for Real Salt Lake

After two games abroad, the Montreal club is moving to Saputo Stadium for the next five games, starting Sunday afternoon with a visit from Real Salt Lake.

So Montreal are in perfect conditions to quickly forget the end of their eight-game unbeaten streak in a 2-1 loss in Nashville on Wednesday.

“We must be proud of our new record and see the positive side of things,” Djorji Mihajlovic said on Friday.

“It’s up to us to start a new sequence,” Samuel Piette, for his part, fired.

No doubt about it, Bleu-blanc-noir is very comfortable at Stade Saputo, having won all three of her matches so far.

The only home loss was incurred on the Olympic pitch in the second game of the season against the Philadelphia Union.

The team will play three matches from now until Saturday, including the quarter-finals of the Canadian Championship against Hamilton on Wednesday. This means that everyone will be invited to contribute.

“The key to our undefeated streak was the diversity of the players involved and what each of them brought to the match in general,” Mihajlovic said.

no goal

CF Montreal will be playing all of its matches at Stade Saputo through June 25 before heading to the West Coast.

By then he could add some valuable wins and points for the rest of the season, but Wilfried Nancy refuses to set the target number.

He confirmed on Thursday “I haven’t set myself goals in terms of points or wins. It’s always a goal depending on the next goal, we want to win it.”

“On the other hand, if the question is asked again in the last five games of the season, I may have nuances in what to say. Right now, we are in the middle of the season and we want to get as many points as possible before the break.”

rotate or not?

During the match in Nashville, Nancy made quite a few laps, only replacing Rommel Koyoto while Joel Waterman found his place in the center of the defense after the match was stopped.

The coach made sure to explain how he came to that decision, which will spell out those envisaged for Sunday afternoon’s game.

“Every time I prepare for a match, it’s the first half. [qui compte en premier]. With the data we have, I didn’t think we should rotate this match, knowing that we’re in a good dynamic. »

It is not yet known if Ismail Kone will be able to play. He had a leg problem. On the other hand, Kei Kamara, who fractured the fifth metatarsal of his left hand, must be available, and he will wear a splint.

good decision

During the break, there will be a celebration to remove the number 12 to return it to the fans, a wonderful initiative that comes in the framework of the club’s desire to get closer to its ardent supporters.

Previous players who wore the number 12, including Patrick Dutt, Eduardo Cibrango, Sandro Grande and Prince Laurie, will attend.

We see it since Gabriel [Gervais] In the post, there is this connection with society, which may have been broken, and which is coming back. The team makes concrete gestures like that,” noted Samuel Peet, who appreciates the initiative.

“Without the fans, there would be no sport, it is very important to give it back to them and to attract as many people as possible, because we feel it on the field when they are behind us.”

A rare visit to Saputo Stadium

The match against Real Salt Lake is like Christmas, Easter or a birthday. It only happens once a year.

As we know, the MLS calendar is that teams from East and West face each other only once a year. The second head-to-head meeting can only take place in the MLS Cup Final.

So it is not easy to prepare for an opponent that you do not know very well, but for this there is a video.

Wilfried Nancy confirmed on Friday, “With the video, there is no problem. We watch all the matches, we are able to analyze the team.

“Of course we don’t know them very well, but with the images that we will show the players will get a good idea of ​​their playing style, what they do well and where we can attack them.”

different opposition

Salt Lake is fifth in the Western Conference with 19 points, which is 5-3-4. Nancy is wary of what the Utah side can do despite incurring four losses in the same number of visits to Montreal since 2012.

“The pictures show that it is a team that works well together, is not afraid to defend with numbers, and is also able to press at times.

“They can play a head-to-head match. They are able to blend in, but it is not a possession team like Charlotte for example, even if they are able to do that.”

However, the head coach talks more about the opposition than he does about Salt Lake as such. It was as if he wanted to depersonalize the opponent.

Three or four matches

Nancy rightly touched upon the issue of video setup and how it is used to inform players and get to know a less frequent opponent.

“We are looking at the last three or four games. There they are playing on the road, so we will see the last two or three games they have played on the road plus one game at home.”

“This will allow us to get a little idea of ​​how they play when they are out or at home.”

Discount in 5 points

difficult abroad

Salt Lake has not lost once in five home games (4-0-1), but is very tough on the road with the Utah team recording one win, three defeats and many draws.

big difference

Salt Lake is not the same team whether it is playing at home or away. In five home games, SLC scored eight goals and allowed only four. In seven games on the road, four goals were scored and 12 goals allowed.

without caldwell

Salt Lake is coming to Montreal without defensive midfielder Scott Caldwell, who is suspended for accumulating yellow cards. Midfielder Damir Krelac is also expected to miss the match with a back injury.


Real Salt Lake only had three losses, but still struggled with ups and downs in the first third of the season. After a four-game unbeaten streak to start the season, SLC won just two games in the next eight.

good second

Salt Lake has only four goals in the first half this season. In the second half of the match, he took damage, with eight wins. Strangely enough, Salt Lake has failed to score any goals this season in the second quarter of each half.

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