Montreal wins a frenzied game

For years, Kei Kamara has been having a good time against CF Montreal. On Saturday, he did so in his colors in the 4-3 win over FC Cincinnati.

The 37-year-old scored his first goal for Bleu-Blanc-Noir as well as getting an assist and setting the match-winning goal to help CF Montreal take their first win of the season.

Djorge Mihajlovic scored his first double in his career, Joaquin Torres scored his first goal of the year and Victor Wanyama scored assists.

This victory did not come easily. Montreal had two deficits and Cincinnati equalized before eventually scoring the winning goal.

At the slow end of the game we were afraid to live the same scenario as two weeks ago in Atlanta, but this time, we held onto a one goal difference despite a faltering defense.


We conceded the opposite result in the first half with five goals. The two teams replaced the kick with the hit with the successes of Brandon Vazquez (12th minute) and an own goal from Alistair Johnston, who pushed a shot from Vazquez to his own (20).

Between the two, Mihajlovic scored his first two goals on the 17th. He did it again in the 41st minute after a good recovery from Wanyama, who fed Kamara.

He opened his counter in overtime (45+1) to allow his team to return to the locker room beforehand.

A mistake by Rudi Camacho on the hour mark, however, allowed Luciano Acosta to reset the counters by making them from 3 to 3.

The hero of the day, Camara, with a beautiful climb on the right, came to save the day with a cross of the ball, which deviated from goalkeeper Alec Kane to find himself at the foot of Joaquin Torres, who threaded the needle.

not easy

Thus, FC Montreal just scored seven goals in two games on opposite lawns, which is good news.

However, he allowed six, which is the least of the good news because the defensive game was tough on Saturday against a team that was not good by the way.

Sebastian Brezza had another tough outing. He seemed slow to score two of Cincinnati’s three goals and the defenders didn’t support him well.

It will also be necessary to question the use of Lacey LaPalainen and Alistair Johnston as pliers, those who are not at their best in this situation, undermining the defensive game.

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the other half

94th minute | Yellow card to Lucho Acosta (CIN)

94th minute | Totally pushed back by Sebastian Briza (MTL)

92nd minute | The change for Montreal: Lacey LaPalainen leaves, Robert Thorkelson enters

92nd minute | Yellow Card for Placket (CIN)

91st minute | Markanic (CIN) misses a chance with a header

90th minute | Sebastian Briza (MTL) interferes with a dangerous corner kick

88th minute | Yellow card for Sebastian Breza (MTL) for taking too long

87th minute | Junior Moreno (CIN) tries a curling shot that skips and scares Montreal

86th minute | In a stampede in front of the Montreal grid, Álvaro Barril (CIN) attempts a shot beyond the frame.

76th minute | Rudy Camacho (MTL) runs forward and attempts a cross that was blocked by Alec Kann (CIN)

71st minute | Change for Montreal: Alistair Johnston makes way for Zachary Braault Gillard

minute 70 | Yellow Card for Joel Waterman (MTL)

68th minute | The change for Montreal: Matko Milevich is in, Joaquin Torres is out

67th minute | Goal – Joaquin Torres (MTL) scores with the help of Kei Kamara (MTL) and is 4-3!

61st minute | Goal – Lucho Acosta (CIN) scores from the penalty spot

Acosta Relationships –

59th minute | Penalty awarded to Cincinnati for a foul by Rudy Camacho (MTL)

53rd minute | Kei Kamara (MTL) broke through the ball and missed his cross kick

the 51st minute | Kei Kamara (MTL) makes a good call at the close and just misses Alistair Johnston (MTL) cross

46th minute | beginning of the second half

first half

45 + 1 | Goal – Kei Kamara (MTL) scores after a superb opener by Victor Wanyama (MTL) and 3-2 for Montreal!

Camara adds CF MTL to it –

min 43 | Sebastian Briza (MTL) intervenes again, with a long shot from Brandon Vazquez (CIN)

minute 41 | THE GOAL – After a superb build by Victor Wanyama and Ki Kamara (MTL), Djordji Mihajlovic (MTL) scored his second goal of the match!

35th minute | Sebastien Briza (MTL) saves a low shot from Dominique Badji (CIN)

33 min | Junior Moreno (CIN) shoots near the edge of the penalty area and misses

30th minute | Kei Kamara (MTL) misses after receiving a good cross from Alistair Johnston (MTL)

minute 28 | Yellow Card for Alvas Powell (CIN)

27th minute | Dominic Badji (China) narrowly misses the goal after a narrow cross from Brandon Vazquez (China).

24th minute | Yellow Card for Raymond Gaddis (CIN)

the twentieth minute | GOAL – After a defensive scramble, Alistair Johnston (MTL) scores against his camp, 2-1 Cincinnati

17th minute | GOAL – Djorji Mihajlovic (MTL) scores the goal after a superb individual effort, 1-1

Great success from Mihailovic –

17th minute | A blow from Ismail Kone (MTL) forces Alec Kahn (CIN) to report

Twelfth minute | The goal – Brandon Vazquez (CIN) has scored his fifth goal of the season and finds himself at the top of the MLS scoring column.

Seventh minute | Alistair Johnston (MTL) puts in a good cross, Kei Kamara (MTL) is stopped by an extreme defensive tackle

first minute | start of the game


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