Moselle. Amneville Zoo: After controversies, a demonstration for ‘animal welfare’

A call to demonstrate in front of the Amneville Zoo for “animal welfare”. (© Illustration/Anthony Speciale/Lauren News)

After the controversy surrounding the death of a giraffe and possible behavioral problems in animals in Amneville Zoo (Moselle), a demonstration in front of the park is organizing a day Saturday 28 May 2022to me 2 pm.

Behind this call to mobilize, we find Jeremy Bilt. The actor and model knows Moselle Zoo well since he launched a petition in 2019 against the Tiger World show.

Not against the zoo, he wants to highlight ‘zoo dysfunction’

call him Lauren NewsHe explains from the start that he is not against this kind of zoo: “I am not Not anti zooThey participate in species conservation, and I’m not suing Amnéville Zoo. It was the first zoo to launch a 3D show, the idea is great, but what about animal welfare? “.

When the parks reopen in 2020, I’m back at Amnéville Zoo. Through the window we feel the animal malaise, it is unbearable. At that time, animals were prostrating, and pink flamingos waded in their droppings. I’m not against the zoo, but I’m against these places, which I consider places of death.

Jeremy Bellthe actor

He explained, however, that he gave the new management a chance, but today the Amnéville Zoo still generates “controversy every six months”: “I’ve never seen such an ordeal anywhere else. The animal doesn’t cheat. When 50 people send us videos of the same scene in Different days where animals prostrate, there’s a little trouble.”

Regarding the accidental death of a giraffe, Jeremy Pele admits that there may be “mistakes, sometimes things go wrong” but with his gathering he wants” securityHe wants to put up a huge amount Garden holiday He demands greater transparency with the public about the investigations being conducted.

On social media, his call for protest garnered more than 2,300 shares.

“Not because we film them at a time when it is an ordeal.”

For its part, the Amneville Zoo responded to the accusations made by animal protection societies, namely PAZ and Animal Code.

Videos: Currently in Actu

I have Lauren NewsAlexis Mayo, a park vet, refutes accusations lynx stereotypes, First of all: “They’re real doormen. At certain times, you’re in front of the big windows. […] When we talk about the stereotype, it is a kinetic loop where the animal tracks its steps. For the lynx, that wasn’t the case.”

A similar phenomenon was observed in the polar bear by associations. According to Alexis Mayo, this is Henk who was filmed in a “brief sequence where he was not interacting with a trainer or other animal”.

Polar bears are very sensitive to their environment and need lots of constant stimulation. In this case, they can develop behaviors – which do not necessarily mean suffering – but which conflict with self-motivated behaviors.

Alexis JerseyVeterinarian at Amneville Zoo

This self-motivation had originated in his old garden. The vet maintains that the zoo has given itself the means to respond to it, particularly by creating an add-on dedicated to polar bears. “It’s not because we’re filming them at a time when it’s bad luck,” he said.

Accidental ‘unfortunate’ death

Regarding the giraffe’s death, Alexis Mayo confirmed the animal’s death that occurred on the afternoon of April 20.

“We feed the giraffes with raised baskets. [Dans ce cas présent]”It looks like he got his horn stuck in the basket, he panicked and fell,” said the professional.

Associations working for animal protection refer to the Amneville Zoo (Moselle), where in particular a giraffe is said to have died recently.
Associations working in the field of animal protection refer to the Amneville Zoo (Moselle), where a giraffe died in particular recently. (© DR)

But the animal fell in a place where its head was lower than the body.

The vets anesthetized the animal and tried to move it “but in the maneuver the juices from the rumen [premier estomac des ruminants, Ndlr] He approached his head and strangled the giraffe. So she unfortunately died of suffocation from the fall, with her head finding itself lower than the body,” the vet explains before determining that it was “completely unfortunate.”

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