Nantes. With RMC Sport you can dive into Nantes’ locker room

“Oh, are we free? Here, you don’t have to tell us that, it’s a little problem indeed,” Ludovic Blass laughs. in front of the cameras RMC SportsFC Nantes midfielder appeared without a candidate, as in life. Especially in the locker room in the Canary Islands.

This is one of the real successes of the program of the same name, launched by Laurent Salvaudon as soon as he took over the management of the channel in 2016. It is to capture the real personalities of football players, get them to share and offer secrets. In the everyday life of this intimate place. “There’s a lot of empathy, and in a way, it humanizes them,” former creator decipher d + 1another show has become a cult.

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Since the first season, the formula has evolved quite a bit. From the interview conducted by consultants (Emmanuel Petty, Frank Leboeuf, and Christophe Dugarry), “dressing room” It became a closed session between players from the same club. Without the dull spotlights of the group or the intrusive questions of the reporter. Only the voice of Flora Musi invites itself to revive the conversation. “Trust is the key to doing more, Laurent Salvaudon develops. There, they are among themselves, and in a comfortable place, where they have their directions. »

Lafont: I forgot the cameras

In Nantes, in Beaujoire’s locker room, Ludovic Blass, Alban Lafont, Randall Colo-Moany and Whelan Cyprien took their places in front of their lockers. Two face, the French Cup and three cameras, including on the rails to cover the room. In the next room, the control room, a dozen technicians and three journalists live exchanges, if necessary, via headphones. “It passes so fast that we are between us, The goalkeeper of Nantes club is captured after an hour and 15 of filming. It’s like a discussion between friends. I forgot the cameras. »

In the room next to the Nantes dressing room, the control room, with the possibility for journalists to pass messages to the player through headphones. | Jean-Marcel Bodard

And that changes a lot of things, in the authenticity of the expressions as well as in the freedom of expression. In Nice, Laurent Salvodon recalls how Dante urged Alain Saint-Maximin to do more to become a real player. “If he utters the same sentence in a newspaper, he hates. There, he passes, because they are in the interchange,” designer summarizes ” Dressing room “.

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At La Beaujoire, his cameras revealed the real complicity between the four guest players, one of the keys to a good season for the Canaries. They also talked about the French Cup final, its matches One Late and Rolly Bets Pereira de Sa. “We were told not to change anything, Whelan Cibrian slips mischievously. But I especially remember the silence on the bus that took us to the stadium when it’s usually funny. » With this confidence from the former Linsues: “And to think that we were in Sochaux, we were planning a vacation in case of defeat…”

In this hour of self-reflection, there was plenty of laughter, but also a clear look at their season, their relationship with Antoine Compoire and their questions about their future. “In the field, we often take on a role to play, Whelan Cibrian says: There, we are seen from another angle, closer to who we are. » At RMC Sport, we say shooting is successful when Flora’s sound fades or isn’t there. Wednesday afternoon, we hardly heard it…

dressing room, This Friday, May 20, at 9 p.m., on RMC Sport.

Nantes. With RMC Sport you can dive into Nantes’ locker room

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