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Each year, the Quebec International Peugeot Hockey League features a group of players who truly look in a class of their own. With 118 points in 30 games before hitting the ice at the Videotron Center, James Scantlebury of Lake St. Louis Arsenal fits that definition.

It is obviously difficult to predict the future of a 12-year-old hockey player who only enjoys playing his favorite sport.

However, it is impossible not to notice how the young man from Chateauway flies over the ice when he grabs the disk.

Although he was removed from the goal list in a difficult 1-0 win over Harfangs de Sherbrooke, young Scantlebury is off as soon as he enters the fray.

His coach, Luca Ciampini, has seen a show of incredible talent over the years. He is himself a former Halifax Mooseheads player, with whom he won the Memorial Cup in 2013, and played alongside Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin at the time.

Without comparing the talents mentioned, he admits that he easily marvels when looking at the prowess of his young striker.

“With James, I see great things coming. He is very special as a player, but also as a kid. He is a natural leader who makes all the players around him better,” he praised his AA-Elite class pilot.

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With 64 goals and an average of 3.93 points per game before the tournament, James Scantlebury was no equal in U13 AAA.

Even if he’s not used to interviews, he actually responds like an adult when asked how to explain his successes.

“My teammates help me a lot. They are the ones who give me the disc and that is why we have a special season. My family also gives me a lot of support,” he said, cautiously stepping away from the spotlight.

His coach has a much harder time collecting one asset than the other in his game.

“James has a lot of strength. His skating is one of the best, if not the best in the league. He’s very energetic and explosive. He has good physical strength for his age and he’s really competitive. He doesn’t want to lose.

“His shot is amazing too. He really throws and skates like a pro, it’s impressive to see. He’s the whole group. And the best part is that it’s not just a natural talent. He works for what happens to him,” he said, visibly stunned by his care.

For James Scantlebury, this is not the first visit to Quebec. Three years ago, he came to the Videotron Center to watch the Pee-Wee Championship, as a simple spectator. He made a promise to himself, and he made sure to keep it.


“At the time, I said I totally wanted to be here when I was playing a Bowl Wee game,” he said on Wednesday after his team won, ensuring them a championship lead against the Maryland team Thursday night (6:45 p.m.) in the youth wing.

“I enjoy playing with my teammates. I try to be proud of my parents and family. There is nothing more fun than hockey. It puts a smile on my face every time I am on the ice. I stay in the present, but of course I dream of ice hockey,” the young man said. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.”

With such an attitude, anything is possible.

Calm down “Grandpa” Jose Canal

Joss Canal says he is pleased with the relationship he has developed with his two grandchildren, including Marc Antoine, whom he accompanies on their hockey journey.

Stephanie Cadoret’s photo

Joss Canal says he is pleased with the relationship he has developed with his two grandchildren, including Marc Antoine, whom he accompanies on their hockey journey.

The young world of budding hockey in the ’90s knew fiery coach Joss Canale, the head coach who brought rain and shine to arenas throughout Quebec. Wednesday, at the Videotron Center, it was just a much more grandfather who proudly watched his grandson at the International Hockey Championship.

As young Marc-Antoine Ducharme took to the ice for the Panthères de Deux-Montagnes in Class AA, Canale watched in silence, away from the group of parents and supporters.

It does not stick, does not stage, and does not appear. In stark contrast to the colorful character that characterized QMJHL at a time that seemed so far away.

“I always watch matches by myself. I’m never with my parents. I never scream. If there’s something I don’t like, I’m on my own and This is! I’ve been in hockey long enough! I’m not participating in the wave,” he fired the person who looked like a wise old man.

very involved

At 72 years old, we must not believe that the training fibers are no longer in him. Six days a week, Kanal trains for her grandson and a handful of guys his age.

With his two grandchildren, Marc-Antoine and Annabelle, he also took part in alpine skiing once they were old enough to jump on boards. Golf has also become a part of the family’s customs.

Whether in Shawinigadn, Chicoutimi, Beauport, Sherbrooke, or Drummondville, Kanal was distinguished for the collective imagination by his vociferous and unforgettable pronouncements, his disagreements with officials, as well as his successes.

With 691 games behind a tie at QMJHL, he also became the first coach to coach at three major Canadian junior circuits. He also led the Canadian team to gold at the 1994 World Championships.

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Many beautiful memories, which he would not have shared with his grandson in the tournament, even if his team lost 2-1 against the Gouverneurs de Québec-Ouest.

“It’s a great experience to play in a stadium like this. All I wanted was a tough match. Especially for Marc Antoine, but for all the youngsters as well.

“The only advice I would give him is to make an effort and be a good teammate. If you don’t like the coach’s decision, I don’t want you to hit it with a stick or show your frustration. That’s it,” said the man who assures us that his holy anger is indeed a thing of the past.

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