New $35 million plaza in La Ruche

advertisement. A new $35 million yard will be built on the grounds of La Ruche High School in Magog. The joint announcement by the cities of Quebec and Ottawa, who will provide grants totaling $18 million, comes one year after the same project was refused funding by the same levels of government.

Prime Minister François Legault came personally to unveil this financial aid in Magog on Friday (6 May). He was accompanied by two ministers, Isabelle Charest in Quebec and Pascal Saint Ong in Ottawa. “I confirm the perseverance of the representatives involved, because this file is a long time ago, acknowledges Mr. Lego. Today, we are delivering the goods with construction at the beginning of 2023 and the possibility of delivery in October 2024.”

The Prime Minister denies announcing election announcements, a few months before the provincial elections next October. He explained that this project had previously been rejected due to the large number of demands on sports infrastructure. We recently improved the same program to allow this file to be executed. If we are re-elected, I hope we can increase this fund even more.”

Memphremagog will contain two regular-sized ice rinks. It will be built in a building adjacent to the La Ruche sports center, on the same site as the previous plans. The future two-storey arena will be able to accommodate professional services related to sports and a dining hall, as well as dressing rooms and amphitheaters. Approximately 250 parking spaces will be added to the Magog School site.

Two-thirds of the funding comes from Quebec and Ottawa. The remaining balance will be borne by the City of Magog ($9 million) and the non-profit organization Arena Mumfrimagog ($8 million). The MRC will also participate in the financial package, because the square will serve all residents of Memphrymagog. The scolaire des Sommets service center is giving the ground for hours of icy time to its various sports teams.

Cutting down trees, but improving vegetation

Orford MP Jill Belanger warns environmentalists that trees will already be cut down to build the future plaza. “However, he insists, there will be more trees than before once construction is completed, thanks to a major replanting,” he says.

MNA Orford has big plans for this school which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, synthetic outdoor playground and synthetic athletics track. He says enthusiastically that we can organize international events there. Cantonier and all the athletes, athletes and families of the region will be able to train there.

A new profession for the current arena

With this announcement, the city of Magog confirms that the current square, located on the Rue Saint-Alphonse-Nord, will change profession. Various possibilities will be studied and presented later. At the press conference on Friday, the president of the Aréna Memphrémagog, Jean-Guy Gingras, already warned the prime minister that he would ask the government to give the plaza a second life.

Evening information on May 19

Residents of the MRC de Memphrémagog are invited to an informational evening about this construction project. More details will be revealed at Magog City Hall on Thursday, May 19 at 6:30 p.m. This will be followed by a question period. Registration is required at 819843-3333, Ext 336, through May 18. This meeting will also be broadcast on the social networks of the city and the CSS des Sommets, as well as on NousTV broadcasts.


  • The scolaire des Sommets service center is giving up land in exchange for hours of ice
  • Quebec and Ottawa grant $18 million
  • The bill is $9 million for Magog
  • Non-profit organization Aréna Memphrémagog will borrow $8 million
  • The city will approve the loan to the organization
  • The project was rejected in 2021 and was valued at $28 million
  • Scheduled to open at the end of 2024 or 2025

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