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Because the new Arcade Fire is called weand that the main Montreal music group from the early 2000s appreciated the authenticity of true human relationships, our journalists ilmilie Côté and Dominic Tardif discussed the five questions raised by this long-awaited sixth album.

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Emilie Cote

Emilie Cote

Dominic Late

Dominic Late

P. Pas reflector (2013), a double album based on dance rock and Régine Chassagne’s Haitian heritage, and Everything Now (2017), the least accepted record in his career, Arcade Fire seemed ripe for a comeback to the sounds of his debut. Is that what we Proposals?

Emily : I do not know why some critics talk about going back to basics. This may be the case in the two extracts discovered, where there is the violin, but not in the other songs where we find keyboards and electro compositions. Giorgio Moroder’s shadow even hangs Age of Anxiety (Rabbit Hole) ! Actually, we turns out to be eclectic and makes some sort of synthesis of all Arcade Fire albums, though it is the shortest of many.

Dominic : Where one can talk about a return to the sources, exactly in this bombast with which the group reconnects, after having flirted embarrassingly with the second degree in Everything Now. Win and Régine excel when they do everything in their power to make their choirs tremble, even if it means sometimes confining themselves to ridicule or creativity, and I’m glad they finally remembered that we we came to them for their maximalism. . If you let me be weird for a moment: I like it when an Arcade Fire song reminds me that the time given to us on this earth is a gift. There, it is said.

P. Reviews of Everything Now to some extent it had to do with the best tired look, in the worst case Arcade Fire reaction to the harmful effects of technology and social media. What will the lineup tell us this time about the state of the world?

Dominic : All Arcade Fire portraits released in recent weeks evoke the catastrophic promotional cycle ofEverything Now, with her fake Twitter accounts and fake negative comments, which would have turned off fans. But I’m convinced we would all be ready to forgive these mistakes if the (good) songs were there. The first half of we speaks again of the alienation caused by technology, but with what seems like humor. I smile every time Win runs: We unsubscribe, heck season 5! And I’m particularly challenged – challenged as in “I Have Emotions” – by all these songs in which Win and Régine swear to each other that they will never give up.

Emily : It could be because I was on maternity leave and did not follow the promotion cycleEverything Now, but I think people have been very tough on the album. There were still some good tunes, right? But it is true that we did not find the raw emotion and specific themes for Arcade Fire which will come back into effect later we : childhood, beyond, the love of our loved ones and the modest quests of everyday life.

Q. Where is it we compared to the rest of the band discography?

Dominic : I know, Emily, all the love I have for you, but Everything Now is nothing short of an embarrassing album. we represents for me the first historic moment of phase 3 of Arcade Fire, after three flawless discs and two others uneven at best. we is the job of Arcade Fire whatEverything you can not leave behind is that of U2: the album thanks to which we remember why we loved their music so much, by fan servicein what may be more noble.

Emily : What is embarrassing, dear Dominic, is to compare Arcade Fire to U2. reflector is for you an unequal record? I do not agree. Arcade Fire members had to get out of their “nerd revenge” phase; after all they are in their forties. asset weI love how Arcade Fire is humbly part of a musical heritage. End of Empire I-IV, which lasts almost nine minutes, is a kind of homage to John Lennon and David Bowie. Nigel Godrich (affiliated with Radiohead) is co-director. Peter Gabriel sings Unconditional II (Race and Religion), which sounds very young. It’s as if the Arcade Fire reminded us, in these turbulent times, that music softens morale and that we should salute what our ancestors did before us.


Régine Chassagne, from Arcade Fire, at the Coachella festival

Q. What song do you expect most to shout side by side with strangers this summer in Osheaga?

Dominic : I can not wait to experience the moment, around 4 min 15, when Age of anxiety I rises and flies up to the sky. The small keyboard motif melody seems to me to have been specially composed to be picked up by tens of thousands of voices. And because I’m always had a weakness for Régine’s underrated songs, Unconditional II (Race and Religion) bored me a lot. What a declaration of love! equally Unconditional (Observer child), which reminds me of Lumineers (and I definitely mean the word reprimand), ended with me. A father giving advice to his son: my father’s heart can no longer resist such a flood of good feelings.

Emily : I’m looking forward to raising my fist in the air when Win releases a “1-2-3-4” when Lightning I, II shift to fifth gear. And without wanting to be too nostalgic, I can hardly wait to turn 25 to the sound of the first notes of Rebellion (Lies) in Osheaga on July 29th.

Q. Where does Arcade Fire fit into the global rock scene now? And, by the way, is it still a Montreal band?

Dominic : You can hear the Montreal subway on the album, anyway! More in Montreal than that, your name is Beau Dommage, right? Otherwise I would be surprised if Arcade Fire gathers a lot of new followers with this album. But the group consolidates its place in the pantheon of important artists of our time.

Emily : Montrealists or not? I find this debate a bit confusing… Arcade Fire is a group formed in Montreal and some of its members still live there. One thing is for sure, Arcade Fire is for me the source of many Montreal memories. First performances at Sala Rossa, Federation of Ukraine, at the Maurice-Richard Arena… The time when Régine Chassagne launched a “Thank you, Montreal! in French at the Grammy Awards when Arcade Fire surprisingly won the album of the year for Periphery. The time I waited 10 hours to see the band’s surprise show on Salsathèque for the release of reflector. My boss at the time also called me a band!

Dominic : Would you be willing to wait 10 hours if the band were to present a surprise show in Montreal this week?

Emily : I would even wait 10 hours just for an interview. And you?

Dominic : While Win and Régine sing: A life without pain would be boring.




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