New directions for the multiglace complex in West Gatineau

The new Gatineau City Council is currently reconsidering the project. The members are exploring different options and intend to give it a new direction.

The multi-ice complex in the West, as adopted by elected officials under Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin in September 2021, was to include four ice rinks and a gymnastics hall. Total bill? Nearly 103 million dollars.

In the new version, Bélisle management still plans to build four ice rinks and, at a minimum, a gymnasium in the Astra, but various sports spaces such as an indoor football field, an athletics track, tennis or light tennis courts (pickle) and even a community garden can be added to the project.

The planned additions will make the multi-ice complex look more like a sports center. They will respond to the increasingly urgent demand for sports infrastructure in this sector of the city where population growth is increasing.

Currently, elected officials have not yet determined what infrastructure will be added to the future Plateau complex. They are scheduled to discuss it later in the year.

The land for the future Gatineau Poly-Ice Complex

Photo: Radio Canada / Hugo Belanger

One thing is for sure, they will have heartbreaking choices to make, because the land on which the sports complex will be built is limited in capacity. Hence the idea of ​​maximizing space by constructing a new high-rise building, somewhat similar to the six-story sports complex built at Saint-Roch YMCA in Quebec City.

There is tremendous pressure in the west it does not rain the earthpointed out the mayor of Gatineau, France, Bellel, for whom the density of infrastructure is a clear necessity. The city does not have a huge portfolio of land and the cost of purchasing it is very high.

It is our responsibility to do better with what we have and to build higher. »

Quote from France Bellel, Mayor of Gatineau

Initially, the multi-ice complex was scheduled to be operational sometime in 2027. New trends will push the schedule back at least a year, until September 2028.

The cost of the new version has not been determined, but it is expected to be on the rise. Various financing methods for project implementation will be studied.

The mayor has already hinted that the city does not intend to foot the bill alone, it is seeking private assistance and even state subsidies. I said it during the election campaign and I’ll say it again: We have an infrastructure deficit, we need to develop it and we won’t be able to do it alone.

Side view of the stone and glass building

Nearly two dozen sports were played at the Fonderie Building in Gatineau before it closed.

Photo: Radio Canada

L ‘ARSO Afraid of appointments

Since the closure of the foundry, there is no longer a place to practice in the West, notes Richard Gravell, president of the Regional Football Association of Lotaways (ARSO).

The new improved version of the multi-snow complex gives him hope, but he would have liked to see an immediate response to the needs in terms of sporting infrastructure.

We don’t want to wait seven yearsHe said. We do not want charity, but simply meet the needs of our customers.

A photo was taken of Richard Gravel, General Manager of Football at Outaouais.

Richard Gravel, general manager of the Ottawa Regional Football Association (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada/Yasmine Mahdi

Needs are not Not just for footballHe says, But for many sports like baseball, basketball, etc. When the foundry was closed, 18 sports were practiced there. So the needs were there.

Population growth, especially in the West, requires infrastructure and our expectations are high. »

Quote from Richard Gravel, Director General of the Ottawa Regional Football Association (ARSO)

The mayor of Gatineau asks him to be patient. I understand that this proposal may lead to additional delays, but the value of what we are adding is important to citizens who demand infrastructure.

Meanwhile, she says, the city is trying to find possible solutions, but We’re already running short, and we know we’ll need more [d’infrastructures]. So for a while, you’ll have to adapt, putting some water in your wine, even if you realize it’s not ideal..

With information from Nathalie Tremblay and Julien David-Pelletier

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