New President Gabriel Jervis wants CF Montreal to regain its importance

MONTREAL – The day has come when Joey Saputo made a disturbing and disturbing remark: his sports organization had lost its relevance in his market. It’s a situation he wants to rectify, and he intends to do so with the input of CF Montreal’s new President and CEO, Gabriel Gervais.

Twenty-four hours after his date was announced and nearly 20 years after playing his first game with the Montreal Impact, Gervais met the media for about 45 minutes on Tuesday morning at Center Nutrilait.

“We were looking for someone who embodies the values ​​of my family and those of this organization. A mobilization leader who has the operational and strategic skills to run an organization like CF Montreal.” said Saboto, who sees Gervais playing the role of squad leader in achieving organizational goals.

He seemed relaxed and happy to be back “home” and said that he was fulfilling a new dream, Gervais responded generously and without evading all the questions put to him.

This includes in relation to the famous identity of the team, a file that continues to talk about and stir up a certain kind of controversy among the team’s fans, more than a year after its famous “rebranding”.

Gervais also did this by recalling a key ingredient. After nearly 13 years at Deloitte, a company he held as partner and still adores despite having just left, the 45-year-old will need time to get to know all the gears in the organization and the league, as well as all the people he’ll work with on a daily basis. In the offices of Saputo Stadium.

“In the short term, I want to get to know the operations, meet our staff, meet our technical team. Yesterday (Monday) I met the staff and this morning I met the technical team and the players. These two meetings have been very motivating for me. I also want to meet all the stakeholders who are attracted About the club as well as MLS,” he said first.

“We will work hard as an organization to restore our position and relevance in the market so that we can shine. I know we have to be rooted and visible in the community. The former Defender and former Impact #8 added.

before 2021

In her letter introducing her new president, Saputo hinted at the importance of regaining prominence in the club’s market. In fact, Saputo frankly said that this was Gervais’ job.

When asked to clarify the current status of this connection, Saputo expressed himself clearly, while acknowledging that some answers are still far from him.

“When we went into MLS and there was a game on Saturday afternoon at Saputo Stadium or the Olympic Stadium, we saw people in the city wearing Impact jerseys. We knew something was going on in the city. We were more present with our partners, we were more present in the city on this. Grammar,” he recalls first.

“I would say that in 2012, 2013, 2014, things were going well and quietly, we lost that. We have to look at why. We’re not just talking about 2021 because of the name and logo change. It started before that. (…) There are many factors to which we can attribute this, but we must analyze it in more depth.

As for the identity of the team, Jervis admitted that it was a sensitive issue for everyone and that it was for him.

“When I heard the news (about the change of name and logo), it shocked me. I didn’t understand and I will tell you it has to do with the way it was communicated,” he said.

“The way the name was changed from Impact to CF Montreal was with the vision of putting the city and community at the heart of the team. I totally understand that. To use a name, or a more universal designation, for football, I am right. So what I can say today is that The name CF Montreal is here to stay,” Gervais said.

On the other hand, Gervais admits that the organization may not have conveyed the history of the organization and part of this change of identity.

“We had the impression, being the first, that we were turning our backs on our entire history. It wasn’t intentional, far from it. As I saw in the marketing campaign, there are a lot of highlights in our history. ‘Go, go, go’ gave me goosebumps, Honestly. I remember those songs when we played at Claude Rubilard in the first year. We listen to the fans, our supporters and our partners to bring back more, if we want the history of the club. And there are already steps that have been put in place before I arrive to express the logo,” revealed the new president and CEO.

This new name and new logo caused a stir with some supporters who caused a stir. A section behind a network was closed and some fans were denied access to Stade Saputo last season.

Gervais wants to restore a harmonious relationship with all the supporters and establish a dialogue with them because he knows, he says, how much public support for a group of players can be inspiring.

“In the end, we want all the fans to be in the stadium. That is the goal of the club and I guarantee it. There is a project, there are reflections that are being made, that is, how we can unite our supporters.

I’m going to ask a question but I know the answer. Would you rather have 1,000 or 2,000 of our club’s most ardent supporters be behind the opposite goal to give the goalkeeper a truly hellish 45 minutes, or would you rather scatter them around the pitch? We want to unite all our supporters. Ultimately we are all here to help the club. And that’s what we want.”

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