NHL Draft: Canadian wins the lottery

The last will be the first. Kent Hughes can now flirt with this wonderful classic performed by Celine Dion and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman.

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The Canadian is still a long way from the promised land and the top of the NHL. But he earned a big consolation prize for his miserable season in which the team finished 32nd and last, winning the lottery for the first draft pick.

Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly delighted Habs fans by returning the big card with the blue, white and red logo on Tuesday.

“It’s important to us,” Hughes said on a video call after the lottery at NHL Studios in Secaucus, New Jersey. It’s also an important moment as GM to put the plan in place to see the team again in the playoffs. It’s a beautiful day for Montreal, too. It is special that you have the first choice of a project that will be done at home. »

Historically, the Canadian will speak for the first time since 1980, when Doug Weikenheiser was favored over Dennis Savard.

It will be the first time the home team has stepped into the first stage since Wendell Clark with the Maple Leafs in the 1985 draft in Toronto.

respectable logic

There is not always logic in the world of sports. But for once, I stuck out the way through this lottery. CH had the highest mathematical odds of winning it at 18.5%.

The percentage of getting the first pick was 25.5% higher as five teams could not even dream of picking the best due to the impossibility of jumping more than 10 places.

There were 14 balls, numbered from 1 to 14 in the counter. The machine randomly selects balls 1, 3, 4 and 13. This group belongs to Canadians. The New Jersey Devils won the second raffle to move up from fifth to second. The Arizona Coyotes will talk about the third-choice procedure in the first round, which takes place July 7 at the Bell Center.

“I had a very special and exciting time,” Hughes said. You are waiting for something that you have no control over. strained. »

Wright or Cole?

For several months, Shane Wright was touted as a future first choice in the 2022 draft. However, the Kingston Frontenacks center would be a contender. American Logan Cooley, another center player, has found himself at the top of the list of several NHL teams.

“It’s not just Wright,” he warned the Western Scouts. Cooley is a more dynamic and explosive striker. He can take off Wright. »

As a good politician, the general manager of Al-Kindi hid his papers.

“I don’t want to respond to it now,” the former players’ agent replied. I’ll wait until July 7. I don’t want to reveal my game.”

No deal in sight

When asked if he could explore the possibility of trading with his first choice, Hughes again chose to be cautious.

“I find that in life, it’s always best to listen to everyone. Right now, that’s not something we discuss between Jeff [Gorton]john [Sedgwick] and recruits. If we get calls, we’ll listen. But it is not our plan to conclude the exchange. »

CH will continue to collect data over the next few weeks. Hughes and Gorton will work with Martin Lapointe, Director of Amateur Recruitment, and Nick Bobrov, Co-Director of Amateur Recruitment. To spy on the most beautiful gems in this draft, you’ll be there on the list: the playoffs at QMJHL, OHL and WHL, the World Hockey Championships in Helsinki and the Memorial Cup.

It will also be the first public housing auction after the Trevor Timmins era.

In search of personality

To rebuild this failed team, Hughes will continue the search by following important criteria.

“We want to create a culture, I have said that since I arrived with the team. We have to recruit talented players, but also players with character, leadership qualities and team men. We want to build a team that can win in the long run.”

With a dark cloud hanging over Carey Price’s future, CH finally has good news after a chaotic season.

system project

1 – Montreal Canadiens

2 – The New Jersey Devils (The Devils climb from 5th to 2nd)

3 – Arizona wolf

4 – Seattle Kraken

5 – Philadelphia Flyers

6 – Chicago Blackhawks

7- Ottawa Senators

8 – Detroit Red Wings

9 – Buffalo Sabers

10- Anaheim Ducks

11- San Jose Sharks

12- Columbus Blue Jackets

13 – New Yorkers

14 – Winnipeg Jets

15- Vancouver Canucks

16- Vegas Golden Nights

*Note that the Chicago Blackhawks and Vegas Golden Knights picks have been traded to Columbus Blue Jackets and Buffalo Sabers respectively.

First shots in the history of CH

◆ 1980: Doug Wickenheiser (Center)

◆ 1971: Jay LaFleur (right wing)

1969: Regine Holly (right wing)

1968: Michel Blass (guardian)

◆ 1963: Gary Monahan (Center)

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