NHL Playoffs: Avalanche Wins One in the Western Final

The Colorado Avalanche sent the Blues into the wires on Monday, and by eliminating their rivals in the next game of the series this Wednesday in Denver, formation striker Nazim Qadri certainly doesn’t want to return in St. Louis.

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After being subjected to racist threats and insults after the third match of the second round of the standoff after colliding with Blues goalkeeper Jordan Bennington, the striker responded in his own way with a hat-trick in a 6-3 win, giving his team 3 points. -1 lead chain.

Kadri’s ability to keep his cool is somewhat emblematic of the mood of his teammates, who are hoping to lead Eves to their first Stanley Cup since the spring of 2001. First and foremost, it’s important to focus on the game, work on the rink, And no problems outside the arena.

“I really wanted to show up and make my mark in this game, especially after what happened,” he said at a press briefing: “I tried to give my best. Sometimes you have to be patient and wait. I managed to hit early in the second half and the pace was maintained, both individually and as a team.” .and doing it outside is great.”

However, it seems that the events of the past few days have ignited the flame. “I think I need some gas in the tank. I’ve been grumpy for the past few days, but that’s it. There we had the victory and that’s what we wanted.

For his part, coach Jared Bednar praised his stepson’s professionalism in his own way.

“This is the perfect example of good defeating evil. With what happened, Nas has a job to do and has remained in control of himself, able to perform well under the circumstances,” he said. He showed a lot of character and determination. He is an incredible and young man Strong upped his game at the most appropriate time to show everyone what he can do.”

don’t generalize

Additionally, my destiny was careful not to put all Blues fans in the same basket, saying he respects local hockey fans. He also understands the reactions he can elicit as a player on an opponent’s team.

“I know they mock me, but that’s what a fan does. When you’re a local player or club, you want the fans to be on your side and to see them bothering the other team, as long as it’s within the rules,” he said. “I don’t have a problem with that and I know the words that Said does not reflect every fan of St. Louis. I understand that and want it to be clear. But for those who have wasted their time writing such letters, I feel sorry.”

Nazim Qadri: His wife reveals the messages

NHL Playoffs: Avalanche Wins One in the Western Final

As we mentioned a few days ago, Nazim Qadri was subjected to hateful comments, and his wife Ashley Kaif revealed some of them on social media on Tuesday.

Mme Kadri took to the couple’s Instagram account, saying in a prominently written black and white message that she was very proud of her husband, adding, however, that she shed some new light on what “the past 48 hours have represented for us and our family.”

Some netizens have gone too far with their malicious, even murderous, statements.

“I hope your eyes will soak in rubbing alcohol and go blind before you walk and fall off a cliff, a stupid piece of shit. You should never have come to America, curse an immigrant,” someone wrote.

“I will be watching your every move. Watching your back because of [Jordan] Bennington,” another threatened, referring to the contact between Qadri and the St. Louis Blues goalkeeper on Saturday night.

Another person wrote discriminatory comments based on religion and ethnicity. “Surely you pray to God or bomb buildings or behead people like all Muslims of your gender. You are the son of a… you are ISIS,” he wrote.

Nazim Qadri’s wife recalls that this kind of online behavior simply has no place.

“That’s a small example. There is so much more than that. You don’t deserve to belong in sports or anything. If you don’t condemn racism, you tolerate it. Pray for the world to be a better place with more love and less hate.”

Blues running out of solutions?

Louis Blues camp Monday night after losing Game 4 to the Colorado Avalanche.

Coach Craig Birobi’s side fell 6-3 and are now 3-1 behind in the second-round play-off.

“We controlled five-to-five for the vast majority of the game,” the Blues driver analyzed at a press conference after the last duel.

“I don’t know why. They were better. They were first on all the pucks and we lost a lot of our fights for those,” Birubi continued.

Never in control

However, the Blues started the match by being the first to move the ropes. About five minutes after the start of hostilities, David Byron reached the goal.

It was also the fourth time in as many games against the Avs that St. Louis have scored first. But the winners edged the score 15-3 in the first half of Monday night’s game.

“I don’t think we were in control of that match, even though we were the first to get to the scoreboard,” Peron said. We didn’t force them to work hard defensively. We did a few pushes, but they weren’t consistent enough to win.”

Quebec returned to a charge of strength in the closing moments of the second half. The Blues also reduced the difference to one win before the start of the last third, but striker Nazem Qadri completed a hat-trick in the third, thus ending the Blues’ hopes.

“We couldn’t allow that goal,” Birubi said. What should have happened and we frustrated that a little bit.”


The Blues could no longer afford to lose to an avalanche. This may also speed up the return to play of defender Tori Krug.

The latter began skating again with his teammates on Monday, before the fourth game against Colorado. He also performed individual exercises the day before.

“It’s good to see him on the ice. He’s getting better and better,” Birubi said after training his family.

Krug suffered a lower body injury in Game Three of the first round against the Minnesota Wild. During the regular season, the 31-year-old defender averaged more than 20 minutes per game on the ice surface. He also ranked second in scoring goals among his club’s defenders, despite missing 18 matches.

It remains to be seen if he recovers enough to be Game Five on Wednesday night, when the series returns to the Ball Arena in Denver.

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