Nintendo Switch: 5 games to play before summer!

If you, like me, really have a hard time imagining sports could be something you do with joy, in your spare time, you probably know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to get up from your seat at the office, especially when working remotely. No matter what way of life is eventually, summer is approaching and the return of the sun inevitably gives us a little more desire to move than in winter. that you dreamed of lose a few poundsonly you get in shape (And to stop breathing down three poor stairs) So maybe, like me, you need incentivizefrom fun flick Get a few minutes of physical activity every day.

And that’s fine: You have to admit that Nintendo is a queen when it comes to sports, quite literally. Here, there is no doubt about heating your thumbs on your joysticks for playing FIFA or whatever. no. At Nintendo, we do big things and offer games that allow you to move your entire body. This is my picks for those sports that really got me moving.

Just Dance Unbeatable

What could be better than a few songs to get you going to burn calories and unleash your vitality? I give you, Just Dance is still more fun with friends, but a little solo dancing from time to time doesn’t hurt. The only problem is that you have to go to the cash register to unlock more tracks and choreographies, but hey, a basic playlist can be more than enough to enjoy a few minutes a day. It’s all about creating a little gym routine: one or two dances, a run on a Ring Fit, a few minutes of boxing and presto, you’ll feel a little better for the rest of the day. Because yes, when you finally understand that sport is more active than exhausting, it becomes part of the fun.

  • Just Dance 2022 (But you can take any edition of course)
  • Available On Switch but also on Xbox and PlayStation
  • Initial price : 59.99 EUR

A ring fit for adventure

This is a game that requires a hell of a budget to be perfectly honest. However, once you have the tools in your hands, you will understand soon enough why this game is simply the best way to exercise while having fun. Far from being the NSex as they say on the web, I know how to recognize a stroke of genius when I see one, and Ring Fit is usually the kind of invention worth the detour. When you don’t want to exercise, you have to find a way to play the thing (that is, to make it as if it were a video game). Ring Fit does this very well, not only with A system of levels where you have to progress Like in an RPG to fight monsters and bosses, collect mission items, improve your character And his skills…

In short, it’s a real in-game. And I can tell you that after 10 minutes you barely lose your breath because it requires stamina: you have to run constantly to move forward, squat or hold your posture chair to eliminate monsters, use his arms to suck coins etc. till then …

Best addition to the game? a tempo mode Where you have to squeeze/pull your collar with the force of your arms to touch the notes at the right time. The kind of OSU athlete who will even ask you to do a few squats from time to time.

  • A ring fit for adventure
  • Available at Nintendo Switch only
  • Initial price : 69.99 euros (game + accessories)

Nintendo Switch Sports

Much less effective than Ring Fit when it comes to a full-body workout, Switch Sports is much more intuitive and fun. The ability to play solo, two locally or online, is its biggest asset. For the most nostalgic among you, it is above all an opportunity to rediscover tennis in all its splendor and bowling at the time, but also to test new activities such as Chambara (perfect for breaking out of the force), volleyball (very technical), football (to enjoy with others on the court). ) and badminton.

The ranked game system is especially addictive because you constantly want to play and increase your rank. You can also unlock cosmetics as you progress, with items that change every week. In short, I might as well tell you that I play quite a few tennis games every day to try to get to the A-ranking (and unlock that cool unicorn outfit that the game offers).

  • Nintendo Switch Sports
  • Available at Nintendo Switch only
  • Initial price : 49.99 euros

boxing fitness

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to test the second composition but I am convinced that it is much better than Fitness Boxing, the first name of its kind. The latter is more than enough for me on my part, if only to let off steam for twenty minutes, and throw punches (just not in any way), with rhythm. Very attractive, you can unlock more and more complex exercises and learn real boxing moves. Just like in Ring Fit, having to type in time with the music makes it all the more fun and interesting. On the progress side, you can also unlock and customize an outfit for your coach, or even stamp your calendar to celebrate your progress.

This reminds me of Dr. Kawashima’s brain training. Training your body is good, but keeping your brain is better. Especially since it’s one of the only games that really takes advantage of the Switch’s touchscreen with a stylus designed specifically for the occasion. A little mental arithmetic and memory exercises in your routine and your whole body will be in really good shape. (Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too, and eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, right.)

  • boxing fitness
  • Available at Nintendo Switch only
  • Initial price : 39.99 euros

Bonus: Pokemon GO

It’s certainly not available on the Nintendo Switch, but Pokémon GO remains one of the best mobile games to take the recommended thirty minute walk a day. I admit I don’t have the same enthusiasm I had in 2016 (to run over 6km every evening to find Salamic and Ratata, or even to hit the best sprint of my life because someone would shout “DRACOLOSSE!!” in a park), but I At least I found the motivation to leave my house to take over this arena from the red team. It’s only a small kilometer on foot, but at least it allows me to walk regularly.


Developed by Endnight, The Forest is a survival / sandbox game and is currently selling for a very generous price on Steam. If you’ve never played it, now is the time to convince your friends to go for a somewhat special country picnic.

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