Nintendo Switch Sports: When the video game moves the family

Do video games always lead to a sedentary and lazy lifestyle? Not necessarily, the mood is Etienne Boulay. As a guide, the new Nintendo Switch Sports Young and old will be forced to get up and burn calories on the tennis court, badminton court, or in the bowling alleys.

This is a myth that video game industry critics love to pass on, those who see a direct link between the use of electronic games among young adults and poor physical fitness. Etienne Boulaye says this statement should be qualified.

The retired soccer player — and former Montreal Aloette player — knows something about it. He also demonstrates it for the model, and rushes into his living room, Nintendo Switch consoles in hand, collecting junk at a virtual bowling alley swiped on his TV.

“I can move with this game, I’m not just sitting on my steak and flexing my thumb. I feel like I have more control than just being able to choose a game and strategy; I can push the technology even further,” he explains, in a video conference with Newspaper.

Bowling – a discipline especially appreciated by Etienne Boulaye and his children – is only one of the six activities offered by the new club. Nintendo Switch Sports, which was launched a few days ago. You can also sweat from playing badminton, tennis, chambara, volleyball and soccer, all in our comfortable living room. Golf will be added to this offering this coming September, while other sports could follow in the following months, all via a download.

Fifteen years after Wii

It’s a new foray into the genre for the Japanese entertainment giant, after more than 15 years of success We Sports. Over the years, technological advances have been amazing, showing up quickly when it’s time to push the cartridge into the console.

Most striking: the use of Joy-Cons and motion sensors that are infinitely more accurate than in the time of the Wiimotes.

“Re-creating the movements was less easy at the time; you had to be very precise, within the correct circumference. Today it is much simpler. My 8 year old daughter doesn’t have to come to me for help navigating the menus either. Everything explained Very well, and very instinctively ”, confirms Etienne Boulay.

As a spokesperson for this new game, it is clear that Etienne Boulaye tested it on his own, but also with his family. Because, like any parent, the athlete admits to worrying about the time his children spend in front of electronic screens, as well as the content they might be exposed to. And on this point, the Nintendo Switch Sports It turned out to be a very good compromise.

“Without wanting to try any platform, your newsfeed can go fast on apps like TikTok and you don’t always know what you might get stuck in. With a game like Nintendo Switch SportsWe know exactly what kind of content is being served there, and we know our kids are on the move. This fit “Perfect,” he says.

♦ game Nintendo Switch Sports Available now.

Nintendo takes it to the next level

Hotter, more attractive, but above all more fun, Nintendo Switch Sports It comes to raise the bar, becoming the new standard in sports simulation for the whole family.

More than 15 years later We SportsToday, the giant Nintendo is back with a new foray into the genre that will take fans back to the familiar territory. Did you overstay your turn at that time? With peace of mind. We quickly adapt to this crazy, colorful and wonderful comic world, like a Japanese giant.

Joy-Con in hand, six disciplines are available to us here: bowling, tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer and chambara (a Japanese combat sport). Thus remote controls allow players to control the movements of their avatar, whether to throw a bowling ball, use a sword, kick the ball or fend off an attack.


In short, we may not reinvent anything, but we are improving the concept, both in content and form to make it Nintendo Switch Sports Exceptional entertainment for the whole family.

With the fluidity of the controls so far unmatched in the industry, the Joy-Cons gyroscope allows superb accuracy and almost absolute freedom of movement. Another novelty worth mentioning? The ability to adjust the difficulty level for each player to put young and old on an equal footing during family matches. The tutorials are short, concise and effective.

We would also be remiss if we did not mention the universe unfolding here with perfect dynamism and attention to detail.

Animated environments

Bowling matches are played in a busy and lively bowling alley. As the player – or rather his image – rushes with the ball in his hand, the scene awakens with the characters climbing an escalator, talking to each other or even running in adjacent alleys.

The same goes for tennis or badminton games, for example, that are held in a crowded sports center. This raises the experience several notches, making it more immersive and complete.

Nintendo Switch Sports ★★★★

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