Facebook announced the addition of new features for its all-in-one Business Suite management platformincluding planning Facebook and Instagram stories, as well as a new business presentation process from the news feed …

story programming

Facebook launches a new option in Business Suite, its latest business management platform. You can now create Stories in the app, then schedule them to be streamed live on both Facebook and Instagram. Your scheduled posts will then appear on yours content calendar in the Business Suite application.

Training Creation and development of a training activity

Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts

Facebook also allowssave Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts Business suite. This new option adds even more scheduling flexibility to your Stories.

Given the growing use of Stories, more and more brands are looking to incorporate the portrait format that best suits the mobile marketing. Brands will be able to optimize their social media strategy with this new approach.

Tips for related pages

At the same time, Facebook has added a new business presentation option, via Tips for related pages below posts in the news feed.

The new process will highlight related content from Facebook Pages below posts when users take the time to view (or hover over) certain updates in their feed. This will allow users to access a new dedicated feed list of images from these pages that may be similar to their interests.

New advertising options

Other than that, Facebook is rolling out new advertising options, in particular:

  • A new “Lead Conversion” goal for lead ads, which will allow advertisers to do sooptimize leads very likely to convert;
  • The ability to convert lead ad forms into Messenger templates for lead follow-up;
  • New “Call Ads”, which will allow advertisers to display a “Call Now” CTA button in their ads.

To consider in yours social media strategy !

Source: Facebook